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Message from the Masters: July 17, 2023

Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
July 17, 2023

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are filled with gratitude for these moments to commune with you. The situation on earth is dire but the ability you have to enhance the energies has no limits. We wish for you to dwell on this thought until you can understand your importance and strive to continue to awaken more to your True Self.

Many do not have major roles to play, such as the leader of a country or large corporation. Anchoring peace and the way of kindness has much more importance. This begins with you, on an individual basis. Thus, making the time to be an ambassador of peace and kindness is of utmost importance. This path begins by including quiet time each day, then expand these moments throughout the day.

What you focus upon is your reality. What others focus upon is their reality. Often, on earth, these realities clash. This is not how it is within the majority of the universes. Earth offers unique opportunities with a different set of rules in order to allow these experiences. The more one remembers their True Roots, the harder it can be to stay grounded in peace and kindness. One tends to become frustrated, even to the point of suicide, longing to be “home” where life has more love and sanity.

Yet, there is a better way to cope with the current situation on earth. Quiet time is the way. For there you can get centered. Being centered opens the door to more inner peace. This leads to the clarity to make better decisions. When you focus your inner self in a manner that reflects peace and kindness, then you can expand those energies within you. Then they will naturally expand to others. In these interactions, your heightened energies can affect others in a positive way. How, others absorb your energies will be a reflection of their willingness and desire to be peaceful and kind. Those seeds lie dormant within many.

When you are anchored with peace and kindness, those energies naturally expand to those you are physically around as well as those that you are energetically connected to. That connection can come during a phone call, a text, reading someone’s writings, while shopping… anytime you think of them. There is also a weaker, yet still potent, connection with all beings due to the nature of the “matrix,” which is one’s connection to all.

Thus, what you are focused upon radiates from you and affects all others, some to a greater degree, some to a lesser degree. When a person who has fostered energies such as peace and kindness within their very being, these energies radiate from them. When they energetically connect with another, those energies have the ability to bathe others. This is why a simple act such as smiling as you walk by a stranger can be all that was needed for that person to feel “seen.” That smile may have encouraged that person to continue on. At the very least, it is as though you have placed some healthy fertilizer onto the soil where their seeds were lying dormant.

Never underestimate your power to influence another, whether you do this consciously or not. Thus, we encourage you to nurture within yourself the seeds and the fertilizer that will help yourself and others to expand the peace and kindness that may be hidden deep within your hearts. Facing the pain you have buried, releasing any aggressive thoughts such as revenge, needing the forgiveness of others, judgment, etc. are needed in order to create the world that you desire.

What you wish to see in the world begins within you. What you focus upon becomes your reality. There will always be others with opposing views. This is to be expected on places such earth that are designed to be expressions of polarity or duality. Be consciously aware that you do not have to to bathe your thoughts, words and actions by blindly following the rampages of the few.

From our perspective, we see that there are relatively few humans who plan to control the world and mold others to fit their plan. Conversely, there are relatively few humans who plan to awaken others to their full potential based on Divine Love. Billions of humans are in the middle ground. Yet the doors are open wider than ever before to influence others to awaken to their full potential within and to make choices based on Divine Love, for this is the natural core seed that lies dormant within. Yet, at any moment, those seeds can sprout.

We encourage you to nurture the Divine Love essence of who you are. To be most effective, monitor your thoughts, words and behaviors. Pay close attention to how the people, events and material objects in your life affect you in the current moment. Those that cause you to be off balance, look deep within to find why they are affecting you in this manner. Then develop a plan of action and take the first steps towards balance. This may mean to stop watching certain programs on the tv, to pay attention to song lyrics that you listen to on the radio and mostly, to do all you can to increase self-love so that you can expand love more freely to others.

When it is time for you to step out of your human “body suit,” what will be of importance to you then? What will you have the hardest time letting go of? What will you have wished you had said or done when you had the chance? Will you be able to float away with the thought, “Well done, I did my best.” These thoughts and others are well worth your time and have more value than what the majority of humans center their thoughts upon.

As you discover and acknowledge ways in which to become a better ambassador of your Soul, have the courage to shine your Light. You may receive ridicule in exchange or even threats of death. Yet, what is of more importance than being true to your Self? When you express your Light through deeds of peace and kindness, you are more likely to reach others. Most people want to feel heard, to be loved without conditions, to be honored for the choices they wish to make. This is their birth right as creators of their reality. Do you wish these things for your Self?

Help those that come to you for assistance, waiting for them to come when they are ready, to make the inner changes that allow them to awaken further. Offer advice when asked, letting the person know that whether they follow that advice or not is up to them. Don’t let it be hurtful to you if another does not choose your path. Allow them to spread their seeds as they are able in that moment. Yes, they may still be blindly causing more pain, but recognize that pain is a wonderful catalyst that can lead to one’s awakening.

Your greatest ability to impact the world comes from within you. Thus, foster those moments of inner reflection. Then shine your Light and know that you are anchoring peace and kindness wherever you are and wherever your strong thoughts go. You will never know your full impact on another. Just trust the process and be the best version of who you are. Release excessive worries of not knowing your life purpose or mission. For the more you are who you truly are, the more will be revealed to you.

As you express peace and kindness in one situation, it will become easier to do so in another situation. Thus, your confidence will increase, if you allow it to, even during those times when you didn’t express as well as you wanted to. Take those moments as learning experiences and then visualize ways you can do better when the next situation arises. Step by step by step by step… that is how one walks.

Walk each step, mindfully conscious of expressing yourself. If your goal is to expand more peace, kindness, gratitude, love, allowance, etc. along your path, then we are available to help you to do so. Watch for your underlying reasons for calling on us for assistance. Know that we will help to express Divine Love under the direction of the Higher Soul of all involved. Also, recognize that we will not do for another what they are not ready and willing to do for themselves. Yet, we are here to help you to nurture the seeds within you and to have the courage and understanding to expand those seeds that are in alignment with Divine Love.

Those of us on the higher level of understanding recognize that getting a specific job, being tethered to a mate or owning a home on Malibu may not be for your highest good. Also, if you are not taking the steps to pave the road for these material experiences to happen, we will not put forth effort to create this for you. Our desire is to help you to awaken to the Divine Love within you. Although your strong prayers are always heard, they may not be answered. Many prayers are answered, but not recognized because they did not appear in the form that you blindly focused upon.

We say all of this simply to encourage you to clear out the energies that keep you attached to earth and that dim the Divine Love within you. Focus on being the best version of your Self and in tune with your intuition, then we can work more efficiently with you. Our goal is to help all humans to begin the awakening process. Although we know that the vast majority will not do so during your current lifetime. We do not get frustrated with this knowledge, for we honor the choices each individual makes. There is value in all things. We hope that you do not get bogged down with the choices of others. Keep your focus on being the best version of your Self. Know that even a simple smile to a stranger can be enough to ignite their potential. Rather than wear a frown of worry and discontent, practice keeping a smile on your face, which will occur naturally as you let your Light shine.

Joy, happiness and bliss is within your grasp. Make it your priority, starting with increasing self-love and gratitude each day. The more you raise your vibration, the easier it will be for us to work with you. Make meditation an important focal point of your day so that we can commune more freely, each moment of your life.

We love you beyond measure.
Metatron and the Masters

*** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Share freely with those who have ears to hear. Consider joining us for future Celestial Gatherings.


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