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Message from the Masters June 14, 2022

Full Moon Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
June 14, 2022

Greetings Dear Ones,

We come today with a glad heart and open arms, welcoming you to this time of connection. We are inspired by the good deeds and the depth of love that you are growing into as you remember your True Roots. Never forget that your time on Earth is a temporary sense of separation from the All. For indeed, we are all One in the vast expanse of the universe and beyond.

Although there is much turmoil in your life and those you embrace, know that in the Big Picture, All is well. Earth and your universe were designed to be a place to “test your limits,” just as a two-year-old and teenager will do. As creators, it is fun to explore and experience new things. However, as you well know, due to Free Will choices of yourself and others, sometimes those experiences don’t turn out so grand. Yet, within each experience is an opportunity to draw closer to Divine Love.

We are in awe of each of you who are able to awaken from the “dream” and to turn those horrid details into wonderful learning experiences. Thus, with each turnaround in which you see the blessing in the turmoil, we are like high school cheerleaders celebrating another touchdown. Many of the Masters have walked the Earth for many lifetimes. They know your pain and turmoil. They are here to be Way-showers, to show you a unique way that you can navigate your Life Path.

Many of these Masters have left behind their own words. Others have documented their walk while on Earth. Read these words, especially the stories that tell of their own human experiences and how they overcame them. Then adopt the tools that they used into your own daily routine. Every human walks their own unique path. However, there have been many who walked the “straight and narrow” Path. Those trails are well-worn, making it easy to follow. However, at times, the weeds may have grown over the path or trees may have fallen, blocking the trail. Yet, the task to surmount these pitfalls is easy to overcome when you don’t go into fright or thoughts such as, “I can’t do this!”

No matter what problems you are facing, there are always more than one option. Thus, it is important to calm yourself whenever presented with an issue. Meditation, deep breathing, sitting quietly, these are tools to help you to calm yourself in any situation. Once you have calmed yourself, then it will be easier to “think straight.” In those moments, you will have clarity and are better equipped to call on us for insight.

You see, when you are caught up in fear and limiting beliefs, one becomes deaf to what we have to share with you. The reason for this is quite simple and easy to overcome, with a little effort on your part. As you already know, Light, love, compassion, kindness, gratitude, etc. are energies of a high frequency. We reside in that energy all of the time. Thus, we have clarity and are not encumbered by the worries that plague humans. We live in and have full view of the Big Picture.

We cannot interfere nor fully direct any human in what to do. However, we can offer some options and then hope that you will choose something that uplifts you. We have no judgment on which options you take, but we do always hope that anything that uplifts you to a higher frequency based on Divine Love is what you will choose. Most do not. Some do some of the time. Others, such as yourselves are Seeking to do more of this. We are here to help as much as we can.

When a human engulfs themselves in fear, guilt, blame, shame, unworthiness, etc., these lower one’s vibration. As a result, it is harder for someone at a low vibration to resonate with those of us who vibrate at a higher vibration. We often use the analogy of a radio station because this is an easier concept for most to grasp.

When you look at a radio and see those numbers that reflect the radio station, those numbers represent a frequency. If you want to listen to a radio station at a frequency of 101.9, then you can expect that if you set the tuner to 98.6, you will either get static, hear nothing or find a radio station at that frequency.

The same is true for communicating with us. If your body is at a frequency of 98.6 because of your fears, low frequency emotions and limiting beliefs, then it will be much harder to hear the messages we are emitting at our higher frequency of 101.9.

In order to make a clear connection, we either must lower our vibration, which is hard to do. When you are in full knowledge and resonance of Divine Love, such as the Masters are, it is hard to lower our vibration. These higher frequencies are who we are, our True Roots, our True Selves.

It is much easier for a human to raise their vibration to something closer to Divine Love. That is because Divine Love is also your True Roots. So, the more you can raise your vibration, the easier it will be for you to pick up our radio channel and to hear our message.

Those who remain in a low frequency and call “willy-nilly” for helpers are more likely to tune into Beings who are at a lower vibration, namely what one often calls demons, devils, Dark entities, Earthbound spirits, ghosts, etc. Thus, it is extremely important that you raise your vibration as much as you can before you call for help. Then be certain you are calling in True saints, Masters and Heavenly Helpers so that you don’t get deceived. Right now, the Dark is on the hunt to deceive all humans and especially those who are awakening and more so those who are helping others to awaken, so be wary.

To raise your vibration is easy, since this is your True nature. Quiet your mind, deep breathe and well up feelings of love and gratitude until you FEEL the love and experience inner peace. If you have a specific saint or Master that you feel an affinity towards, then call that one in by name. You can always do the same to connect with your Higher Self or your own specific Guides. Once you feel connected, then you can ask that Master or Guide to help with whatever it is you want assistance with… or simply for an astral hug to help uplift you.

There are specialists in all areas of creation who are ready and willing to assist you. For added protection in contacting a safe and appropriate Heavenly Helper, you can follow a path similar to the layout of your medical programs on Earth.

Many health care forums use a specific doctor that you connect with for your primary care. Consider this type of professional to be your Higher Self or one of your main Guides who are with you throughout your life. Some may call these “Guardian Angels.” In the medical industry, you may need specialized care beyond the scope of your primary care physician. Thus, you call the primary doctor’s office to get a referral. In the Heavenly realms, the same situation happens. You can call on your Higher Self or Guardian Angel and ask to be led to a specialist to help you to heal something within yourself. This can be a physical dis-ease, a mental or emotional imbalance or direction on a better spiritual path.

You may want professional advice to diagnose a problem with your car, to be led to a new place of employment or help with the move to a new location.

No matter what your current concern is, there are specialists that you can tune into for guidance. They are available 24/7. No matter is too big or too small for them to handle. But the key is that you go through the primary doctor’s office, so that you are in the right “network” for you. This will help you to avoid tapping into a network of lower frequency Beings who can lead you astray.

Always pay attention to the energy of any spirits who contact you or that you call in. If they do not ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS resonate Divine Love, then immediately stop contact with them.

There is much more we can say on this topic, but these are the basics to help you to navigate through the murky waters. Right now, everything is in a heightened state of Transition. Much of the old is in the process of crumbling. Do not fear this. Instead, keep your focus on what you want to experience in your own life. Choose to be around friends, family and acquaintances that are uplifting. Either avoid or minimize your time with those who bring you down.

You are here to explore your own creativity, so let yourself flow by tuning into your intuition, take measures to enhance your inner peace and let your Love and Light shine forth. Then you will find bliss, contentment and joy beyond any measure, even while in human form. We look forward to each moment in which we can communicate with you.

Be love. Give Love. Receive Love. What else truly matters?

We love you beyond measure!

Metatron and the Masters

*** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Share freely with others. We do hope that you will join us and invite others to join us for future Celestial Gatherings. What is more important than uplifting yourselves and helping to uplift all of humanity?

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  1. Unicorn Dreaming

    Sorry but the ‘page couldn’t be found’ both on my email received this morning and now also on this blog post.. I really enjoy reading your messages from the masters.. ❤️

  2. Joanne krusche

    Thank you 🙏🏾 Theresa and Celestial teams!Really. Helped me to understand where I am again!
    Maintaining faith steadfastly is my daily ritual whilst awake is now who I 💯 am!Thank you xxxx

    1. admin

      Happy to be of service, Joanne!
      Thank YOU for all the beautiful work you do!

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