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Message from the Masters: June 3, 2023

Message from the Masters
Full Moon Celestial Gathering
June 3, 2023

Dear Ones,

It is our honor and pleasure to be of service to you on your awakening journey. We love you beyond measure and hope that you will allow yourself to open fully to the love of the Creator that is plentifully available to you in every moment.

As you sit quietly, meditate upon the goodness of the Source of All. Consider the blessings in your life, such as the ability to choose whatever you wish to manifest. There is no greater gift than this. Remember times in your life in which a new freedom was offered to you, such as the time you were able to cross the street by yourself, go on a date without adult supervision or apply for a job that you had an interest in.

Just as your earthly parents and guardians offer you more freedom as you mature, so too are there more opportunities offered to you by your Creator. However, with all expressions of Free Will, there is also the universal law of cause and effect. Thus, ultimately, each thing that is occurring in your life had its root in something that you chose or your reaction to something you experienced that you did not choose.

We understand that every human, in their current lifetime or other lives, has had experiences that were not pleasant. Indeed, the vast majority of humans at some time has experienced horrid situations. The resulting emotional, mental and physical energies will remain in your energy field until you come to the point where you can release it. Often, it takes a series of lifetimes in order to clear these unwanted energies. We choose not to use the word “non-beneficial” energies, because everything has the opportunity to be beneficial, for it is often the pain of a matter that becomes the catalyst and the fuel for change. “No pain, no gain”

Thus, we encourage you each day to review the happenings you have experienced that is keeping you blocked from those things that you wish to manifest and experience. Granted, not all things that you desire will come to pass because there may be many factors beyond your control that will inhibit you. Also, there is the Life Path contract that you developed before you incarnated. Your Higher Self, the soul that is a part of your human incarnation and your personal Spirit team are all Guided to help keep the human part of you on track.

Thus, some things that you choose to manifest and experience may take you off course. When one keeps their energy field as clear from low vibrational thoughts, behaviors and emotions, then one can more readily trust their inner GPS, their intuition. When one is in alignment with Divine Love, then to the degree of that alignment, one can make more mature choices along the Path. This is where Free Will comes into effect. Will one choose what is in accord with their Life Plan or choose to wander in other directions? With every choice you make, you will find yourself more in alignment or having experiences that may not serve your mission.

The Plan is beautiful. You chose to live on earth, one of the most magnificent physical places to embody in the universe. Yet, you can see that life is hard due to the monetary exchange and arbitrary rules and regulations created by those who have taken the lead. Yet, how you respond to these rules and the beliefs and fears you adopt along the way will affect your ability to awaken. Yet, within each of you comes the connection to Divine Love. However, most who have lived as a human for five or more lifetimes have accrued some “karmic” imbalance that has taken them further off the main Path.

One will remain lost until they become conscious and courageous enough to be more in alignment with their True Roots. As you look around, you notice that most are lost in the material world. Only a few have awakened enough to truly experience happiness, bliss and joy while expressing a high degree of love and compassion for even the most vile humans. The highest degree of love is the true nature of all. Everything has its original roots with the Source of All, before the Great Individuation began. Eventually, all will return to that great experience of Divine Love in which one is fully in tune with All that Is.

In the meantime, enjoy your experience as an individual. Dare to dress your body as you desire. Have the courage to explore ways to create the income that is needed during your lifetime. Say “no” to those people and things that you have no desire to expend your time, money and energy upon. Spend time each night reviewing your choices of the day. Begin to explore new options that can awaken you to more love and passion. What have you wanted to do but haven’t done? Explore ways to include this in your day.

Pay close attention to where you spend your time. Could some of that time be better spent doing something you wish to explore? Where did you spend your money and assets this day? Could the money be better spent or saved in order to manifest something you truly desire?

Review your actions and reactions of the day. Were there some that you feel did not represent who you truly wish to be? Role-play better ways to react when similar situations occur until being who you truly want to be is how you act naturally.

Consider the thoughts, “When I die and return to my soul group, will I rejoin them with the feeling that I lived my life well?

After your human death, you will experience a Life Review in which you will FEEL the emotions of those you interacted with during this life. If you caused them emotional distress, you will experience the emotions they felt. If you caused them to feel more empowered and loved, you will feel their emotions. Thus, with this knowledge, go forth with the goal of loving others as unconditionally as you can. Set aside any conscious intentions of holding negative thoughts and energies towards them.

Many cannot forgive, have empathy for, seek revenge and hold grudges against others. This not only hurts their target, but these unforgiving persons will carry those low vibrational emotions in their energy field, to be dealt with in another next life. That is why so many people are in a low vibrational state at this time. Yet, each has the opportunity to rise above their past choices, fears and limiting beliefs. We encourage you to make this a priority in your life.

One cannot undo what they have done. Yet all have the opportunity to stop doing what they have in the past. Each has the opportunity to start making higher level choices and to stop being focused on low-level thoughts, words and actions. Again, Free Will, that blessed gift given to every Individuation, comes into play. What will you choose next? Live consciously. Those who choose those things of a “higher nature” will have our full support. Yet, it takes teamwork and we cannot do more for you than what you choose to do for yourself.

Some of you have accrued a lot of “karmic debt” over your lifetimes, but every higher vibrational choice you make helps to transmute or balance those energies so that they release from your energy field or enhance your energy field. Thus, choose wisely.

We love you beyond measure.

All ways, always.
Metatron and the Masters

**Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please share with those who have ears to hear. We hope that you will continue to join us for future Celestial Gatherings.



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