You are currently viewing Celestial Gathering Message from the Masters May 19, 2023

Celestial Gathering Message from the Masters May 19, 2023

New Moon Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
May 19, 2023

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are filled with gratitude to have this time to share with you. It gives us great pleasure to watch as you go within to uplift yourselves. We understand how difficult it is to be on earth at this time. We are in awe of all that you are accomplishing each moment that you anchor love and joy. We encourage you to make these moments last longer and longer, for there is no thing that is of more importance in your life.

Remember your true roots of Divine Love, even when everything around you seems to crumble. Call on us for support. Look at the lives of those who have mastered earth life. Emulate what they have done to the best of your ability.

The Path is not always easy. It is your accomplishment at the end of your life that holds the most significance. This is not to say that your entire life has little value. Not at all. What we are sharing is that when you accumulate your spiritual awakenings in short spurts and then for longer periods of time, your understanding deepens. As you focus more on the importance of “spiritual” accomplishments rather than material successes, you add more flavor to your Soul.

When your life ends, anything that you have focused on and given importance to will remain behind. However, the emotions, the wisdom and knowledge you have gained will remain in your energy field as you cross over. Thus, as you walk through each day, stop at times and consider, “Is what I am feeling right now something that I want to carry with me?” Using this thought as a monitor when you are feeling low, angry, judgmental, hopeless, etc. can help you to make a higher vibrational choice.

The more love, happiness, joy, compassion, etc. that you hold in your energy field, the more in tune you will be with Divine Love. Divine Love is the only Truth in the universe and beyond. This is the substance of which we came from, the essence of the Source of All. You chose to individuate in order to experience love in the physical realm. So, ask yourself often, how can I add more Divine Love into my life? Then make wise choices to do so.

We understand that this sounds simplistic. Yet, it is Truth. Set aside time each day to sit quietly and focus only on gratitude, loving actions, quality shared moments, things that bring you joy, etc. Notice how much calmer you feel. Notice how your muscles relax. Notice how your heart rate and pulse slows down. This is the natural flow of your body rhythm when you step out of the busy-ness and into your heart.

Would you like to feel this way more often? Then pay attention to everything that you choose to do or focus upon. Start weeding out things that are less important. This will free up more time and energy to focus on things that are more uplifting. Are you feeling stressed? Then dig to the roots of the stress and resolve the underlying issues as much as you can. With clarity, you may find that much of your time and energy is being spent on mindless things or those that truly are not yours to be involved with.

Clear out the clutter in your mind. Are there things on the back burner that you would like to turn up the heat on? Are there some buried passions that you’ve been holding back? Look at the fears that have held you back. Then resolve to push through them in order to bring them to fruition. Step past the concerns of failure, fear of success, worries about what others may think and allow the closed doors to turn into open windows of opportunity. All that “nothingness” that surrounds you is filled with tiny particles of possibilities.

Have the courage to begin to manifest your desires. Embrace your humanness. You will be back “home” in a short time. When you arrive there, would you like to say to yourself, “Job well done!” Start today to make the changes that you desire. At first, it may take a lot of effort to get unstuck from the mud, but once you do, even more possibilities will become available to you. We believe in you and hope that you can increase your own belief in yourself. Don’t stop until you awaken each morning, excited about what you can create and experience this new day.

We love you beyond measure!

Metatron and the Masters

** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Share with others freely. We hope that you will join us for the next Celestial Gathering.


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  1. Nancy Crom

    Love this message, especially the clear and simple examples on how to improve!

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