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Message from the Masters: May 5, 2023

Full Moon Celestial Gathering Message from the Masters May 5, 2023 Greetings Dear Ones, It is our pleasure to commune with you at this time. We are most grateful for those of you who are choosing to awaken more to your full potential. We are aware of how difficult this time is, to be on earth, and are filled with gratitude that you have volunteered to be here and of service. Much of the disharmony on earth has been created by the majority of those who are currently incarnate. These energies have been impregnated not only from the current lifetime of all inhabitants, but also from other lifetimes spanning eons of earth time. Thus, much of what one is currently experiencing is part of one’s own past. Yet, there are many of you who have never walked the earth before. Thankfully, you have chosen to come to earth to help with the cleanup and renewal process. To all of you, we tip our wings and honor your choices, for we know this was a quite a choice to make, whether returning from the past or as a new arrival. There is much to be done in order to move through this Transitional period. Know that you can most effectively impact those within your own circles. Do not try to save the world. Hold back from those who are not ready to awaken. Focus on those who come to you. Most importantly, be the best you can be. Then you will expand higher vibrational energies to those who come within your circle of being. Be a role model more than a savior. Do not lose sight of the fact that those who do not awaken in this lifetime will have opportunities to awaken in other lifetimes on earth. Also know that is only one option available to them. For once one has fully crossed over to the “Other Side” and gone through their cleansing process, they are not the same human that has been embroiled in the “sins” of the world. They will be back in their “heavenly bodies” with the awareness they had before the physical incarnation. Yet, now with many new experiences and tools as part of their reality. It is similar to going on vacation. When you return, you are still the same human that left prior to the vacation. Yet, now you have experienced new things, met new people, have expanded your knowledge base, etc. These activities are stored in your energy field. How you use the new knowledge is up to you. Perhaps you will plan to return to the same place next year. You may have met people that you choose to build a new or better relationship with. You may have gained new insights through the experiences or conversations with new people or old friends. Perhaps you went to a museum or art gallery that inspires you to create something new. As a very basic analogy, this is similar to what each person goes through after a human incarnation. At the core, all conscious beings are creators. We are made “in the image and likeness of God,” which means Divine Love, cosmic energy and creator are the basis of our being. Thus, after a human incarnation, one has the opportunity to explore many other avenues of life within the cosmos. We share this as encouragement that even though you, a loved one or an acquaintance are going through rough times, every experience offers the opportunity for expanded growth. Thus, find gratitude in all experiences. Prevent yourself from getting so off balance by the words and choices of others that you dim your own Light. Having empathy and concern for another are acts of love. However, enabling them to continue to flounder or taking on their life choices to the detriment of your own is not healthy for anyone involved. That is like jumping in the water to save someone when you don’t know how to swim. You both will drown. Yet, throwing a life preserver allows them the opportunity to help save themselves or to make the conscious decision to give up and drown. There are many times when one needlessly gets off their path by staying in abusive situations or repeatedly trying to save someone who doesn’t have the will to save themselves. Learn the difference between helping and enabling. Sometimes, “tough love” is the best help one can offer. At times, walking away gracefully is the greatest gift that can be offered. Why? Because this doesn’t slam the door on the person. If they are ready to make life changes, then the relationship can be rebuilt. However, at times, it is best to run, for there is nothing of value that will come from the other person. Know your parameters. Keep them flexible, yet firm. We will close at this time, again expressing our love and admiration for you. Many of us have never experienced life on earth, thus we cannot fully understand the emotional traumas that you are experiencing. We do honor you for moving forward, even during those times that feel hopeless. Know that we are here to assist in any way that we can. However, we do have limits, for there must never be a codependence between us. We expect you to go within and deal with your trauma and then to make the necessary life changes so that you can move as close as possible to Divine Love while still incarnate. We are here to help with every step of that evolutionary process. Know that you are never alone and that you are loved beyond comprehension. We are here for you. Simply ask for our assistance and be in tune so that you can hear our responses. You are loved always, all ways. Metatron and the Masters   ** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Share freely with others. Consider joining us for future Celestial Gatherings.  

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