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Message from the Masters April 19, 2023

Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
April 19, 2023

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with the Light and outpouring of Love that we come before you at this time. No matter when you read this message, you will receive these gifts from us. For time is of no essence, nor either is the space that is perceived to be between us. We are as one mind, from your Higher perspective.

Know that your time on earth is as of the blinking of an eye when it comes to the “lifespan” of your Higher Soul. What is this Higher Soul you may ask? It is the part of you that individuated from the Source of All. Although you are never separate, for you are a part of the whole, it takes the belief in separation to play the game. You chose to be a player, not only in your current lifetime as a human, but in other timelines, as well.

Many of you who are awakening are getting hung up on wanting to know what star system you are from. Know that in the scheme of things during this current lifetime, this knowledge has very little meaning. If it was of importance, all of you would hold this memory when you were born. But for most of you, it matters not, for you see, simultaneously, your Higher Soul may have aspects of itself in various other planetary systems. However, most do choose to remain within the same universe because it is much easier to manage. Know that time and space have no holds on your Higher Soul. What planetary system you are from is not necessary to know while in human form, for you already have enough to deal with, just getting by in a 24 hour segment of earth time. Do you not agree?

However, we will make the statement that for some of you, remembering where you came from before this human incarnation is of importance. However, that is only for a select few who came here with the purpose to work consciously with your “space brothers and sisters” at a planetary level. If you do not feel a pull to do this, then know this is not your work. Keep you mind, body and soul as free from distractions and what you deem as “negative” as much as possible. Then you will be able to use your inner GPS, your intuition and “knowingness” to guide you along the Life Path that you chose before you incarnated in this lifetime.

With that said, we do wish for you to take time daily for inner-spection. Ask yourself important questions such as, “Why did I come to earth at this time? What would I like to accomplish during the next 5-10 years of my life? Who should I choose as a life partner and friends that will support my growth? Shall I have children and if I do, what will I role model to them… or other children I meet along my Path?” These are the types of things that have importance.

Yet, so many spend tremendous amounts of time in needless and mindless activities that simply drain away their will power to motivate themselves to higher ideals. Each evening, scrutinize how you spent your time since you awakened that morning. Where did you give your power, energy, thoughts and material gains? Did you reserve enough so that you can motivate yourself and move forward when you awaken the next day?

Before offering assistance to others, train yourself to go within and ask, “Is this something that I should do or say? Will I be meddling in their life affairs? Will I be affecting their Life Plan in a manner that was not meant to be?” Blindly meddling in others affairs can bring some karmic “cause and effects” that are detrimental to your own Life Path. You will know that you are off balance by your lack of inner peace. When you truly understand that it is not your place to meddle in the affairs of those who have reached the age of reasoning, then not only will you be of more value to others, you will find yourself closer to following your own Life Path.

When you look at the true spiritual leaders, while in human form, not one was forcing their beliefs on another. With most “true saints and prophets,” they spoke their message and those who wanted to learn more came to them and sat at their feet. Much time was spent daily in inner-reflection by these enLighted ones. Those who didn’t agree with their messages, most often tormented them to varying degrees. Yet, the enlightened ones didn’t push back. If the tormentor was open to hearing the truth, they would listen to the enlightened one, often when others were not around in fear of being persecuted. But not one Master said things such as “You must listen and do what I say, oh ignorant fool.” They may realize the person is ignorant because they have closed their hearts and  minds to hearing the Truth, but the true Master doesn’t shove their Truth onto others. They offer it freely. They are good role models for you to consider emulating.

We understand that it is hard to watch our loved ones suffer. Those of us who have incarnated have experienced this first hand. We also feel the same as we look upon the choices being made each day by each of you. Yet, we are bound by universal law not to interfere in the choices of others, unless called upon to do so. You might want to consider this element during your daily review. Ask yourself, “Did I try to push my beliefs onto someone else today? Did I do something for another that they were capable of doing for themselves? Am I feeling off balance because someone isn’t doing what I think is best for them?”

It is one thing to push another when they are not ready or willing to be pushed. It is quite another thing to offer your assistance… without judgment or expectations to another, when they ask for it. Furthermore, it is another thing to get upset when others don’t do what you think is best for them. Even though some choices clearly are not to the benefit of another, unless that person is ready to make higher choices, you are simply wasting your energy trying to push them into doing what is right and beneficial.

You can look around and see how many are spending the majority of their time and resources while pursuing their gods of alcohol, drugs, inappropriate sex, overeating and gaming. You recognize that these are not enhancing their lives. Yet, if you ask any of them if they know that their choices are not for their benefit, most would say that “Yes, I know that these are not healthy for me.” Well, there, dear one, is your answer. Release yourself from the needs to preach or try to change their choices. Allow them to experience what they choose. For at some time, they will be ready to put aside these “childish” things and begin to make more mature choices. Until they are ready to do so, you are wasting your time and energy that could be better spent on uplifting yourself or others who come to you for support. For those who wish to uplift others will have more success in assisting those who want assistance and are ready to do their inner work. In those circumstances, you both with be enlightened and the interactions will fill you both with joy and energy. Then you both are in alignment with Divine Love.

So, pray for others to awaken. But don’t push them into doing so. It tends to be the way of the human to awaken when they have enough of a thing. Then they will reach out for assistance. Then they will become self-motivated to stop the things that are binding them. No one can save another. Yet within each individual lies the power to awaken themselves. But each will do this in their own way, on their own timeline. Do not fret about their Higher Souls, they are quite intact and not caught up in the quandries on earth. And the lower Soul, if it has not gained full awareness, will have the opportunity to continue their growth in another place and time after they leave this earth realm.

Thus, dear One, we encourage you to focus your time and attention on what brings you closer to Divine Love. In doing so, you will affect all others in a positive way. And we surely can use your assistance in helping to elevate all things on earth. Those who continue to choose the Dark will bring others down and suffer the “cause and effect” of this during their lower Soul life span. You, in every moment, have the power to influence more upliftment or more misery on earth. Thus, before you go out to preach to others, be sure that you have cleaned out the cobwebs in your mind and the clutter in your basement. Then you will be the shining Light that is much needed on planet earth.

We love you beyond measure. Come to us when you want our assistance. We are always available to help you. Be assured that we expect you to be doing what you can to help yourself, as well. For we will not foster co-dependent relationships. Also, know that all your prayer submissions will not be honored. Many times what you ask for will be detrimental to your Life Path or those you are asking assistance for. As you open your eyes further to the “Big Picture,” you will understand more. How many times in your life did you wish for a specific outcome and later were glad that you didn’t receive it… or discovered that the blessing that you did receive ended up causing you to be more off balance. We encourage you to go within daily, into deeper and deeper meditation so that you can drive your vehicle in a manner that is in alignment with your inner GPS, your Life Path.

You are loved, always in all way.
Metatron and the Masters


** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please share with those who have ears to hear. You are encouraged to join us for future Celestial Gatherings.


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