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Message from the Masters: from March 20th Celestial Gathering

Equinox / New Moon Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
March 20, 2023

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with great joy that we commune with you at this time. Before you continue reading, pause for a few moments. Close your eyes while taking in five long, deep breaths. Slowly inhale and hold the breath to a count of three.

On the first exhale, allow your facial and neck muscles to relax.

On the second exhale, relax your shoulders, arms, hands and fingers.

On the third exhale, relax your stomach, back and torso.

On the fourth exhale, relax your lower back, legs and feet.

On the fifth exhale, relax all of your muscles even more.

Notice how much calmer you feel. With this calmness, you will experience more inner peace. While feeling peaceful within, you will have more clarity of thought. With this mental clarity, you will be much better prepared to take on the next challenge. You will be ready to tune in with your intuition in order to make the next choice. You will be more tuned in to receive Guidance from your Heavenly Helpers.

As you make more decisions while in this frame of mind, you will become more satisfied with the outcome of your choices. This will increase your self-confidence. Add gratitude into the mixture and you will heighten your energetic vibration. As your vibration heightens, you will have added energy. You will come more into alignment with the True You, your Soul essence. This, in turn, will help you to feel your connection to Source on a deeper level. Then you will find it easier to navigate your life and make choices that are uplifting.

Continue with this practice throughout the day, whenever you feel off balance and at the beginning of your meditations. Soon you will begin to shift out of the mode of hurry, worry, fear and impending doom.

On this day of the equinox, you begin a new season of the annual cycle. We encourage you to practice this simple breathing technique at least once a day. By the time the next season arrives in three months, you will notice a marked increase of feelings of contentment, fulfillment, happiness and joy.

When you notice others are upset and off balance, share this exercise with them. If appropriate, in that moment, do the exercise with them. This will draw you closer together. Problems between you will begin to vanish. Worries that each of you are experiencing will begin to come into alignment.

Share the good news with others and watch the world begin to transform, one person at a time. Whatever you wish the world to become, first you must unite with that vision and play your role to create it into reality. That is our message for you this day. Share it with those who have ears to hear.

Remember that you are never alone. We are here to assist you in manifesting your goals that are in alignment with Divine Love.

Know that you are loved, always, in all ways.

Metatron and the Masters

** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Consider joining us for the next Celestial Gathering.

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