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Message from the Masters, January 21, 2023

New Moon Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
January 21, 2023

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with joy and happiness that we have this opportunity to commune with you. We are extremely pleased that you have made the commitment to join us as a group to help heal what is off balance within you, as well as the ills that plague humanity as a whole.

We have walked the Path you are now on. We know your pain and like you, we have endured suffering, trials and situations that at times seem never ending. However, we assure you that this too shall pass. There is no need for angst and concern over getting anything “right,” for such a thing does not exist.

You are a creative being and as such you have been endowed with the gift of free will. Thus, choose your experiences and “lighten up” so that you can enjoy the beauty of the earth during your remaining days. No matter how low you feel in this moment, you can freely enjoy the beauty of a sunset and marvel at the symbiotic ways of nature.

You have become lost in the mire of illusion, which is understandable, for surely while in human form this does feel like reality. However, we assure you that the moment you take your last breath, you will begin to remember that you truly are a spirit being having had a temporary physical experience.

Think of how that will be, to remember your True roots. Visualize how it will be to not be encumbered with a physical body. You can fly, you can run, you can shapeshift as you desire. You will know the thoughts of everyone and be able to instantly locate yourself wherever your thought takes you. As you remember these things, then come back into your body and mind and adjust your way of being.

No more do you need to despair about what might happen in the future. Instead, keep your focus on the immediate present. What can you do to experience more love? What can you do to prepare for your exit from the physical body? What will you miss the most when you exit the earth plane?

Consider your reunion with your soul family. What will you wish you had said or done while here? Did you fulfill your mission by planting more love and peace on earth? When you sit before the screens during your Life Review, what would you wish you had said or done? Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished thus far? If you were to die in a week, what would you wish to fulfill?

Then look at how you spent your time this past week. Were there better ways to spend your time? Did you have moments of laughter and joy? Did you go deep into meditation to commune with your spirit Guides and the Source of All? Did you check in often with your Higher Self and spirit team for guidance? Did you trust your intuition when making decisions?

Those who enjoy their lives while walking their Path have created balance. As you enter into the “fifth dimension,” you will notice that things manifest rather quickly when you have a clear and focused intention. In order to fully move into this dimension, one will need to master their thoughts, words and emotions. Otherwise, great chaos would ensue when not so pleasant things manifest instantly.

Ponder this for a few moments. Consider some of the negative thoughts running through your head. If a thought such as “I am sick and tired of this,” you will become sick and tired instantly in the fifth dimension. Whereas on earth, you need to foster that thought for a longer time. The fifth dimension is similar to being your own genie in a bottle. Thus, it is important to raise your thoughts, words, emotions and actions into those focusing on love. Otherwise, you will just recreate the angst on earth, but in a much faster and more intense way.

We encourage you throughout this week to take time each day to consider these words. Note what you are thinking, saying, doing and feeling. When you discover those that you don’t want to take with you into your next experience, begin to change those now. By releasing these lower vibrations, fears and beliefs, you can eradicate them from your energy field. Then you won’t be carrying that into the next experience.

Those who master these things are the ones who will ascend into a glorious fifth dimensional experience. Here you will still have your individuality. You won’t be burdened with jobs just to scrape by, unless, of course, you wish to have that experience. But you can reach much higher while in a less dense material world.

Think about what the ideal life on earth would be without the encumbrance of having to “make a living.” Then nurture those things to the best of your ability. That will help with your transcendence from this realm to the next. Those who do not plan for such things will likely remain in the “karmic” cycle to be played out on earth or a similar place. You are awake enough to go higher up the ascension ladder.

We are here to help you, but you must be dedicated to letting go of everything that does not serve you. That will take diligence, courage and discipline. Are you up for the challenge? If so, then prepare yourself by spending time in meditation daily so that we can commune more clearly. Take time for daily inner-spection so you can determine quickly the areas where you will want to make changes. Keep your focus on the current moment and how you can add gratitude and joy. Right now, now here, for there is nothing else that exists than where you are focused in this moment.

We love you beyond measure,
Metatron and the Masters

** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please share this message with those in your circles.
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