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Message from the Masters, January 6, 2023

Greetings Dear Ones,

And do begins another earth cycle around the sun. Birthdays, holidays, paydays, nights and days, all cycles to experience, year after year.

What has been a highlight in your life?

What would you like to experience again?

What is something you have simmering on the back burner?

What dreams or goals would you like to experience?

Take a few moments to write these things down. The sit with them, one at a time during meditation. Ask yourself if this is something worth manifesting. Will it bring you joy? Does it have value to you?

Look at your circle of friends, family and acquaintances. Are there some you would like to know better? Is there someone you would like to reconnect with? Is there someone you would like to be further from in order so that you can spread your wings?

As you focus on each item separately, while in a meditative state, ask yourself these questions. Ask for Guidance on whether to embrace or release this item. Then ask for ideas on the next step to do this. If necessary, ask for the courage to take the first step.

Keep in mind the Big Picture of your main goal in life before you depart this earth. How far do you want to expand your awareness in this lifetime? How much effort are you willing to put forth?

Most of you have evolved enough that you can ascend out of the “karmic” cycles on earth during this lifetime. However, there needs to be the great desire to do so and the efforts taken to clear out the energetic blocks in order to prepare yourself.

About the only desire you can have in order to ascend as far as possible, is the desire to have no desires. For desires lead to attachments and attachment draws one back in. If you desire to ascend and not return, then make your only true desire to be to reawaken the ability to see beyond the amnesia, beyond the separation, beyond judgment, beyond every thing. Focus on your connection to the Source of All. For once you remember this connection, your ability to love at the Divine level can come to fruition.

Thus, as you look at your “desire” list above, do so with the lens of love. Which of these reunites you with people? Which of these will help you to reignite the spark of Source within you? Which of these will bring you closer to giving and receiving Divine Love?

When you take your last breath and exit the body, the only thing of value to take with you is a soul filled with love, gratitude, peace, joy and all those other yummy things. Everything else will fall away, for what you experience on earth is transitory, an illusion offering you the ability to expand love even more. And oh, what joy you will experience with each pound of baggage that you unload.

Have fun creating and manifesting what is within your ability during this cycle of the sun. For in a very short time, you will be entering another new year. How will you like that day to be? Why waste a moment wallowing in pain from the past when you can focus on what brings you joy? Bring yourself into the current moment and focus on what brings you closer to Source. Walk away from the rest, gracefully.

We love you beyond measure. Come to us for Guidance whenever you choose through meditation, with a deep resolve to take charge of your life. Then we can walk hand in hand.

Be blessed always, all ways.
Metatron and the Masters

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