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Message from the Masters: March 12, 2021

Are you having a hard time connecting deeply with your “Higher Self,” personal Spirit Team and the Masters? Then read on…

Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
March 12, 2021
Greetings Dear Ones,
It has come to our attention that many of you are having a hard time connecting deeply with your “Higher Self,” your personal Spirit Team and with the Masters. Know that each of you will receive messages in varying ways.
Your Higher Self created you out of its own Essence, thus it knows your every desire, want and need. Some of this may be in alignment with your “Soul purpose” for coming to earth. However, much is due to being off balance, thus your needs are skewed and, in most cases, you simply are not dreaming “big enough.”
That is why the SoulCleanse and similar methods of clearing stuck energies is so important. But know that it is your own “inner work,” that will cut out the non-beneficial fears, limiting beliefs and behaviors. Thus, take time daily to look within and adjust what is not working.
You will know where to look within and what is most pressing. Just be careful not to go into fear and try to sweep it under the rug. That will only prolong the agony. When you feel “off balance” during the day, when someone presses your buttons and/or when you feel emotionally upset, these are the clues to look at right away.
Get into a quiet space. Relax your mind and body with some deep breathing. Then ask to be shown what has gotten you upset. Look at the cause and see if this is likely limiting beliefs (old tapes) that need to be updated. Try to look at the situation from various perspectives. This will open your mind, often making it easier to see the wider picture. In doing so, you may find it easier to let go, even down to the root cause (which is the eventual goal) so that you can release that stuck energy.
Then replace that with more uplifting energy such as feeling grateful that you have a more expanded and mature view of the situation. Work towards increasing more self-love, as well as unconditional love for anyone else involved.
When you make this a daily priority, you will quickly begin to shed the old ways of thinking, saying and doing that have not been of best service to you. “Enlightenment / Ascension” is a life-long process. How much you attain is up to you and the effort you put in. Make it a journey of self-discovery.
There is no need to fear looking at your past to get to the root cause. You’ve already experienced the pain and other emotions. Now it’s time to see what is ready to be released so that you can grow more and become more aware on your daily walk.
The inner walk is a solo journey, part of the Hero’s Quest. It is within these moments of silence and while asking for Guidance from those who have walked the path before, that you will be better equipped to make the connection that you so desire.
There are many ways we communicate with you. It is up to you to be still and listen. Be watchful for synchronicities. Release the doubts and fears so that you will have the courage to move into uncharted waters. So many become stagnant out of fear of making a wrong decision. However, there is no such thing as a wrong decision. Just like the GPS, you simply re-route. Enjoy the journey, for the destination is always just another door opening onto more journeys.
Life is not stagnant from your Soul’s perspective. There are always new opportunities and experiences. Some more challenging than others. But from the Big Picture, all is well.
There are no mistakes, just choices that lead to some interesting experiences. Thus, be mindful to not “beat yourself up” with any negative thoughts, words or actions. Instead, be grateful for the experience and learn from it. If this is something you want to experience more of, then do so. If this is something in which you say, “enough is enough,” then do something to change it.
Your individual choices are always up to you. That is the gift/curse of Free Will. When you feel like your Higher Self, Spirit Team and Masters are not hearing you or helping you, know that this is not true.
We know your desires, but we also have an expanded knowing of what is going on behind the scenes. So, not everything you wish for will be granted, for a variety of reasons. Do look within and ask to be shown any fears, limiting beliefs and misunderstandings you have created that is keeping you blocked from communication with us and from moving forward.
We go in peace and ask that you do the same, go in peace. Do all you can to retain inner peace at all times. When people and events are knocking you off balance, decide if it is better to “unplug” in that situation or to go within to find the root cause of the imbalance.
Know that as you awaken to higher levels of self-love and awareness, that many in your current circle of family, friends and acquaintances will fall away. Do not be overly concerned about them, try to “save” them or force them to adopt your new understanding. Allow them to walk their path in their own time… just as you have done.
This is true for all of us on the “Other Side of the Veil.” We too have walked our own paths, sometimes in physical form and sometimes not. That is the purpose of creation, to experience and to expand.
No soul is lost or ever will be. No one will ever steal your soul. No one has the power to put a curse on you or your family… unless you believe it to be true. You have total sovereign rights to your energy field. You are also responsible for your how you respond to what happens to you, by you or around you. How you react is an expression of your Free Will. Choose wisely and know that self-empowerment lies within your hands.
Be blessed, always, all ways,
The Masters
Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please share freely with those who have ears to hear.
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  1. Debra Ann Grant

    This is so spot on it’s incredible. I have been feeling so lost! To top that off my long time pet and familiar is transitioning so it’s an incredibly emotional time. Thank you for this post! Quite timely!

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