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Message from the Masters

Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
April 23, 2020


Greetings Dear Ones,

We send our warmest greetings and shower you with Divine Love which is the core of your essence. We are grateful for your sincere desire to connect with us. Also, we know that many of you are facing many hardships with the effects of the coronavirus and the governmental impact on your lives. Yet, know that many blessings are also coming as a result of this interference. Keep your focus on the positive and your days will be much brighter.

We are joyous to see the positive ecological impact that is occurring on Earth at this time. When you begin to return to your normal routine, be mindful of how you can walk softer on the Earth. Look at the lifestyle you live and weed out those items and activities that do not serve your highest good.

Be careful not to judge others. As more Truths become known regarding the negative impact the “elite” have placed on you, be careful not to judge, for that will keep you in a lowered state of being. Rather, spend time asking yourself what you can do to be a better role model on earth. How best can you express Divine Love while incarnate? That was the initial dream of the Creator, to send aspects of Itself onto the newly created earth in order to allow Beings in spirit form to experience itself while in human form. Things have gone a bit awry since the beginning, but there is nothing to stop the human race from going back to the original plan of experiencing Heaven on Earth.

It does not take an army to create Heaven on Earth.

Only a small percentage of love-based humans can make this a reality. Most of the humans are still sleepwalking and will continue to do so for the rest of their incarnation. However, they can return and try anew, just the same as those of you who have been here for many lifetimes.

Keep your focus on yourself. For when you are expressing your true nature as a being of Divine Love, that love emanates from you and affects everyone, even the darkest of the dark. So, shine your life, do not hide it under a bushel basket. Be wary of falling into traps that make you feel Separate from each other or from your Creator and other Masters who do not reside in duality.

Be vigilant, for there are many wolves on the prowl who do not want you to awaken or to assist others with their awakening.

This will involve taking time each day to center yourself and to get insight from your Higher Self and the Masters who will help you to discard whatever no longer serves you. You must do your inner work in order to shed any of the fears and false beliefs you have created within your energy fields. There is no other way to climb the ascension ladder. With each rung up, you will need to shed more and to be a living ambassador for the Divine Being that you are.

We understand that it is difficult to love yourself, much less those who transgress against you. Yet, we assure you that when you begin the inner process of shucking off what is not the “real you,” it will be easier to distinguish what is real and what is an earthly illusion. If something doesn’t “feel right,” then honor your emotions and take time to determine if this feeling is based on a fear or belief within you or if it is a warning signal from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. The wolves are getting rather savvy at pretending to be Masters of Light, yet if you tune into their energy and note their messages, it is rather easy to discern who is coming from the Light and who is still enmeshed in their Separation from Source.

Know that there is no real Separation, only the illusion of thus.

You are always fully in tune with your Higher Self, the Masters and the Source of All. There is no way for any of them to block their love from you, because that is all they are… pure Love. When there is a block or feeling of Separation, it always comes from the human. Those blocks are always a result of unresolved trauma, from the current lifetime and to a lesser degree, from other lifetimes. Thus, it is important to go within often, pay attention to your dreams and the synchronicities that abound around you.

Notice how you feel, what you eat, what you say, your thoughts, your behaviors… all things are a reflection of your inner self. If you are not pleased with what you are sending out, then have the courage to speak your truth and to walk your talk. You may be ridiculed by others, however, they will judge you anyway. Isn’t it better to be judged for being true to yourself, then to be judged for portraying yourself as someone that you truly are not?

Reconnect with your Higher Self, for you are an aspect of it.

You are an Ambassador of Love, so walk your talk. You are an individualized aspect of the Source of All. That means that you are a creator, at your very core. While in human form, you do not have the ability to create planets and other such things. Yet, many of you have done this while in your spirit form. This may sound ludicrous to many of you, yet we know these things to be true.

Many of us have walked as humans on the Earth, so we know the troubles, the difficulties, the pains you are enduring. It is our hope that you will connect with us so that we can show you the paths we took to ascend out of duality. We can assure you that there is no greater joy that one can experience than to be in full remembrance of oneself as a divine being of Light while experiencing the beauty and diversity on Earth.

However, there is a “Catch 22,” for once one experiences the level of Mastery while incarnate, it is time to “go home.” Some of us love you so much that we extend our time on Earth, which is rather difficult to do, from an energetic standpoint. Yet, we hope that by doing so, more of you will follow the Paths we have cleared for you.

So, be of good cheer and focus on what it is you wish to experience while on Earth.

Not every moment has to be “spiritually” oriented, for joy is a great part of your being. Thus, a walk in nature and experiencing the beauty, the animals and flora can bring joy in that moment. You may find happiness while playing a game with children. Perhaps it is your art or other creative expressions that bring you the greatest happiness. These are all things that you cannot experience in the same way while in a non-human form. So, make choices that help you to enjoy each step of your Path.

Even the hard things have the opportunity to lead you toward a greater understanding, so embrace them as well. If nothing else, they help you to create the parameters of what you no longer wish to experience… and that is growth, as well.

We will conclude for now and we do hope that you will continue to meet with us. The Celestial Gatherings offers you two layers of blessings… receiving our love and healing energies during the personal healing portion… while you give your love and healing energies to others during the global cleansing portion. It is a two-way blessing. The greatest blessing is the number of Beings of Light that is involved with these Gatherings. For each of you brings a whole host of your own Higher Selves and Spirit Teams of Light. We cannot do this work unless you request us to do so.

Go forth today being mindful of how you can better express Divine (unconditional) Love with every thought, word, action and behavior that you express.

We love you beyond measure!

The Masters
Dictated by Theresa Crabtree

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