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Message from the Masters 121420

Message from the Masters
December 14, 2020
Celestial Gathering

Greetings Dear Ones,

We again wish to thank for choosing to join with us during these important personal and global Celestial
Gatherings. Right now, on earth, the gathering of Light-minded humans is essential in order to help “rise up” the whole. One’s personal ascension is a momentous occasion, for not only does it bring up the one, it also helps to raise the energy of the One.

We are all intertwined as one huge energy field. There is no Separation, other than what one chooses to believe in their current moment of existence. This is hard to understand while in human form. We know this, for many of us also have great recall of the times we walked the earth in human form. Yet, with diligence and conscious choice, each of you has the ability to connect more with the One and have a grander understanding of “who you are” and your role during your incarnation.

The most important aspect of your life is to increase the Divine Love that flows throughout the matrix of the Oneness. It surrounds you all the time, but with free will choices, which are mainly chosen from an unconscious state, you have the ability to block the Divine Love. You can block it minimally or fully. The choice is yours, always.

You may have had traumatic incidents in your life, but it is your initial and continued reactions to the trauma that cause the blockage. Even if you have the most horrendous life experiences, no one on earth or beyond has the ability to block your flow of Divine Love. That choice comes from you, always. There is no one who can exert voodoo, black magic, curses, spells or anything else onto you. There must first be an opening and that opening is the result of your reaction to your life experiences.

Thus, if you wish to empower yourself and to open yourself to more entry of the Divine Love that surrounds you, then you must open the door and release the blocks you created. Then more Divine Love can flow in. We will not reiterate all that must occur in order to clear out these blocks, since all of you have already received our messages and offered many tools during your SoulCleanse and follow-up cleanses. You already have been given your inner work assignments.

How far you go with the opening process lies fully in your hands. We are here to help Guide you and to help protect you from more interference. However, be fully understanding in knowing that we will not force anything upon you. We fully respect your free will choice to do whatever you wish to do. Thus, changing habits and looking at your life from a new perspective is fully in your hands. If you choose not to make a decision that may be better for you, we will allow you the space to explore the options that will come as a result of your choices. We hope that you will allow the same for those around you.

So many want to save others from experiencing pain and hardships. When one gives up their own sanity, safety and best interests to “save” another who does not want to be “saved,” then your efforts are futile and in most cases, both have a negative result instead. One must take care of their own issues and amp up their own self-love before they can be of greatest value and service to others.

It is one’s expectations for others and themselves that can help things to run amuck. Let go of the expectations you have for others and allow them to express their own creativity in whatever way they choose. You will do better to be an example of what it is life to be in human form and filled with joy and bliss during most moments. You cannot expect to give this gift to others. It must come from within and most of you reading this are struggling to even like being on earth, much less to feel blissed out during even one solitary moment. Thus, do your inner work so you can open the doors and allow the flow of Divine Love into every cell and “empty space” in your body. Then you will have much more to offer others.

On the September equinox, we offered a 90-day challenge to set time aside each day for deeper inner reflection. There is one week left during this time frame, which will end on the solstice on December 21st. We highly encourage you to spend more time this week going within and contemplating what you can give up that keeps you distracted from awakening further. Then replace those thoughts, habits, relationships with more time spent in inner reflection, focused on what you would prefer to experience from this moment forward.

Dare to dream big! For many of you, we simply hope that you dare to begin dreaming at all, for many are so stuck that the thought of being happy seems unattainable. We assure you that this is not true. At your core lies Divine Love. Access it from within your heart center. Connect deeply until you begin to love your Self more and more and more. Ask for Guidance. Ask to be shown the beliefs you have that no longer serve you. Instill within yourself that courage that no matter what situation you currently find yourself in, there are solutions and ways to upgrade. In most cases, it is a matter of reaching the level of “enough is enough,” and then gaining the courage to step out of the role that no longer serves you.

We understand that with the covid challenges, for many of you, it feels like you are living in a pressure cooker. But we also offer you to be honest with yourself and to look at the life circumstances you had chosen for yourself before covid. Perhaps you were selecting mates who were not in your best interest. Maybe you were in a job that you were not satisfied with. All of you were in relationships that had loose parameters, so that you or the others were not being respectful of each other. Yet, you held onto all of these and now you find yourself financially in a bind and stuck at home with someone you barely like. For many of you, you barely like yourself but now you have less distractions and so are spending more time alone.

Covid offered all humans a chance to go within more. Whether one chose their living environment to be their prison or their ashram was a free will choice. We are still under covid lockdowns for many more months to come. What will you choose… more distractions like TV and gossipy social media or more inner-spection? Will you make your nest your prison or your ashram? Will you remain in close union with those who bring you down or those who uplift you? Will you bring down or uplift those that you are in relationship with?

These are things to consider as you wind down the year that you were so excited about 365 days ago…. 20/20 the year of “perfect sight.” Many are stating their relief to see 20/20 end. But like all cycles of “time,” there is no end, there is no beginning. Everything is simply a cycle. The year 2020 brought many truths out in the open for all to see. So for many, it did increase their sight. But did it increase your vision? What would you like to envision for the next chapter of your life? Again, we offer, dare to dream big!

We love you always, all ways, much more than you can ever imagine.

The Masters

*** Dictated by Theresa Crabtree
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