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Message from the Masters 111219

Connecting with your Higher Self

Greetings Dear Ones,

Once again, we are happy to experience conscious communion with you. There is so much that we can offer every human in terms of their awakening. However, our hands are tied unless we are asked to assist. This is due to the Law of Universal Interference. We are unable to interfere with any sentient being’s awakening or any other matter unless one in embodiment requests our service. Thus, gatherings such as this are of utmost importance.

Within each of these Celestial Gatherings, in tandem with your “Higher Self,” we are able to assist much, and in many ways, to help purify and balance your physical, mental, emotional and identity fields of energy. There is much amiss on earth and as one becomes embroiled in the negativity, it becomes easy for the energies to become so blocked that one is not able to receive the natural flow of energy from one’s own Higher Self, and much less from other Light sources. Opening these blocks for all humans is our purpose with the Celestial Gatherings.

When we gather for the global portion of the cleanse, your mind would be staggered if you realized how many beings of Light are participating.

We have well over ten ministering Light Beings for each human. Although, not all humans participate due to their own ignorance or choice of not being open to the Light. There are many whose Higher Selves choose not to work with us, due to the incarnation plans of the human they co-created. We honor this. However, with each cleanse, more come on board.

Many prayers are often unanswered because we will not go against the will of the human or one’s Higher Self. However, you can do as we do and continue to plant seeds and nurture them with Love. We understand that the concept and actualization of sending Unconditional Love, in every moment and situation, is mostly unattainable. This is due to your blocks of recognizing who you truly… and who everyone else truly is…  as an aspect of one’s Higher Self.

All Higher Selves of a human are of a very high level of understanding of Divine Love. This is a “must” in order to be allowed to create a human on earth, at this time. Thus, recognize that any blocks you have with the one who co-created you, comes from your human perspective. Very few are making a true connection, although it is the most simple and natural thing to do. It is similar to being hooked up through the umbilical cord or as the plug-in system in the Matrix movie series. However, the plug is non-physical and is done energetically from the heart.

Some of you may have problems with this concept, especially when considering those who are doing evil deeds and those who have transgressed you. However, note, that although the Higher Self is Pure Love, the human has the free will choice to work directly with dark beings, consciously or unknowingly.

If you are having problems feeling connected to your Higher Self, Source, Spirit Team or Masters, simply visualize sending love from your heart to our heart.

You must also be ready to accept that love back. The more you practice, the easier it will become. Simply take several long, deep breaths in and out until you feel relaxed. Then make the connection. You may or may not feel or see anything. You may sense something but not know if it is coming from us. It matters not. Taking the time to make the connection is what is important.

Do keep in mind that we are very busy doing our work, so if you just throw out a random thought to call us in, it will likely go unnoticed. For example, if you were at a huge conference during break time and in your mind you had a thought such as, “Rapha-el, I don’t feel well, can you zap me down some energy?” Then continued with your next thought, you can be assured that the message didn’t go any further than the amount of energy and emotion you put into it.

To get our attention, declutter your mind, relax and call out whoever you are wishing to contact. When you focus on the one you wish to connect with, either out loud or in your mind, repeat the name several times. Wouldn’t you do the same in a crowded room until you got the attention of the other person? This is the area where many fail to make communication, because it is a short call out, with a quick demand or request. The message doesn’t reach the destination floats through the ethers. If you have dark entities paying attention to you… and all Lightworkers do… they may intercept your message, giving you a result you had not intended. We share this so you can be more mindful how you address your prayers and requests.

There is nothing more important that you can do at this time in your evolution than to make a conscious connection with your Higher Self.

When you are working as a conscious Team, what you can do is unimaginable. This is because it is not just you and your Higher Self or a few of your Spirit Guides. For when you work together, they call on myriad of others to assist with whatever you are collaborating in doing. It is similar to having a network of like-minded humans working on a specific mission. For example, “Burning Man,” is an event with humble roots in the United States. Thousands come together, volunteering their time, money, energy and artistic creations to gather for a significant event, the burning of the ego. Within a short span of time, an entire city is created, then dismantled.

If humans can do this, mainly for a recreational activity, although the roots are deeply embedded in a spiritual concept… can you get an inkling of what you can do when your network is thousands of Light Beings who are not encumbered by time, money, fear, anger, jealousy, physical limitations or creative abilities? Then know who they are as spiritual beings. There is no fear, only true Unconditional Love. They are all available, ready to serve you, if your heart is pure and what you choose to do is in alignment with Divine Love. This is what is offered to you in every moment.

Many of you have become laden with your fears and non-beneficial thoughts, words, actions and beliefs. Now you feel stuck in the mud. Many are dependent on others for basic needs to survive. This was never intended for the human race. You have forgotten who you are. When you remember and hook up with your Higher Self and others who are out of the blindness and amnesia of the world of duality, you can literally move mountains.

We invite you to awaken further.

Call on us so we can work together, consciously in order to help you and others awaken further. If you are feeling useless, hopeless and like you have no purpose… if you have no extra money or only enough energy to get through the day, then call on us and we will help you to reopen your energy fields so you can receive the flow of abundance that is constantly showered upon you.

No matter what your circumstances, right now, in this moment and forward, you can do magnificent work, more than what even sages of old could do before the internet and global communications. You can call on us and we can work together to help awaken the planet. Let go of expectations, for you may not see the results of our work. You must simply send love, the purest love you can muster to everyone… family, friends, acquaintances, enemies, those you are not even consciously aware of… simply emit the highest degree of Love that you can muster.

You can do this at any time, anywhere, dressed or unclothed, hungry or satiated… while waiting in traffic, while waiting for an appointment… in a chair, an airplane, in bed, while dressing.

Begin to pay attention to where you are spending time needlessly focused on worry or something insignificant.

We watch many of you feeling like there is more that you can do and instead of doing something you could do, you reach for an electronic device, a crossword puzzle, the TV remote or some other needless activity and drown your sorrow and boredom, then after hours of needlessness, you turn it off and feel guilty or worse, immediately focusing your attention again because you don’t know what your life purpose is. If you knew how many Lightworkers spend their days in this cycle, you would cry. Perhaps a pang is being felt by you as you read this, for it describes you too well.

We are not making judgments on what anyone chooses to do. We are simply making note that while many of you are waiting for an outside influence to tell you what your mission is, while you are waiting for a savior to come to earth or for spaceships to come and whisk you away to a new earth… you can be doing your work right now, in your jammies. No more excuses… only choices.

Thus, we encourage you to move forward with whatever inspires you and if you don’t feel inspired then simply know that there is much you can do, right here, right now… now here  or no where.

We need you to call on us and for you also to be active with co-creating and sharing the endless and boundless resources that you are made of… Divine Love. Will you heed the call? If so, you know our number 800-111-1111.  Toll free. Operators are waiting and ready to assist you 24/7/365. We are not even closed on holidays!

We look forward to connecting with you on a conscious level. For those of you who are already doing so, our respect for you is unlimited. It gives us great joy to assist in your ascension, for you are one with us and we feel as you do when you lose connection with one you love dearly.

We are right here and look forward to working side by side with you, on your terms.

Be Love All Ways, Always,
The Masters

You are encouraged to share this message in its entirety to anyone you feel is receptive.
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