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Message from the Masters 060520

Message from the Masters
Full Moon Celestial Gathering
June 5, 2020


Greetings Dear Ones,

We are once again honored to be a part of your awakening process, for we can only assist when you ask us to intercede for you. These gatherings gain power, for each time, not only are you present and those in the Spirit Realm who work with you, but the message has gone out for others across the cosmos to come and assist as well.

The amount of healing that occurs with each of you is nothing short of miraculous, by human standards. But what is more phenomenal is the cleansing and healing that happens on earth and her surrounding energy field. Many of the Dark Forces and ornery Souls are coming to the Light or being Quarantined, where they can harm no one again. This is a significant step for humanity and all other beings who are affected by the Dark. Know that when you choose to participate in these gatherings, you bring many others who are in their power with you. The numbers would stagger you, if you saw what we experience.

Many of you are having a more difficult time than usual, due to the coronavirus and the effects of the mandatory self-containment measures.

We ask that you unplug yourself as much as you can from the media and focus instead on what is happening in your own life. For many, this has been a blessing, for you have taken the time to go within and begin to sort your priorities. Many have taken the time to downsize, declutter your homes and finish with projects that have caused some background unrest in your mind.

Those who have put off taking time for inner reflection have run out of excuses, for much of their time has been freed while staying at home. When you go back into society, take note of what changes have happened in your life these past few months. Embrace those that are leading you out of duality and let go of those that are mere distractions.

With people you still have problems with, know that you are part of the problem.

Use the Heart Connection, asking to be shown if it is in your best interest to let this person go. More importantly, ask for Guidance on how you may better cope with this person when they are “in your face.” Also, do your best to forgive yourself and them for any past transgressions so that you can release this energy between you and from your energy field.

There is much that you can do to help the earth and all her inhabitants, without leaving home. Whether you call this meditation, prayer, quiet time or such, it is taking time to go within, center yourself and ask for Guidance on how you can become a more in tune Ambassador of Love. Your Higher Self that co-created you is in a perfect state of Divine Love and Knowingness. Connect deeper, so that the two of you can merge more into one while you are still in human embodiment. The results will be pleasing to you.

Look around at many who are proclaimed to be “saints” and who dedicate their lives in service to humanity. Look for the ones who are always smiling and make you feel comfortable and warm, just looking at their photograph. Then study their lives and discover their daily routines. Then model your life after theirs.

No two of you walk the same Path, for each of you are unique. Thus, if you are a mother of young children, you would not be expected to mirror your life completely like the Dalai Lama. However, you may note that he spends his mornings and evenings alone in prayer. Put the children to bed, then spend time with inner reflection before you place your head on your pillow.

Challenge yourself to look at every aspect of your life.

Where do you spend your time, energy and money? Is this serving you? Who are you in relationship with? We can assure you that you do not need to spend another moment in relationship with someone who is constantly abusive and disrespectful. There may be some past life involvement to work through, but you do not need to spend one more moment under the same roof. For you can do this healing without being battered with harmful words, thoughts and physical blows.

Those of you who are using drugs to tune into the Spirit Realm, this is a choice, but not the best. Most of these products are harmful to the physical body. They also open the mind to entities who do not have your best interest at heart. Thus, take time for inner reflection with your Higher Self before imbibing in these types of substances. Yes, this includes marijuana and ayahuasca.

The best “high” one can get is when they reach another level of awareness on their awakening path.

That is because you are coming to a higher awareness of Divine Love. This means that your physical, mental, emotional and identity energy fields are now able to absorb and allow more Divine Love to flow through you. That’s the best high that one can aim for. As you release the blocks you have created, not only will you gain greater insight and increase your intuitive abilities, but you will also move up another rung of the Ascension Ladder, which will lead you out of the clutches of Duality.

We don’t want to sound too “preachy,” but we see the misinformation about “spirituality” being more manipulated by the Dark and it is gathering momentum.

Know who you are dealing with before you open your energy field to another, for there are many malicious humans and Dark Ones pretending to be shamans and angels of Light. Discern their energy before granting them access to your energy field. The same is also true for any one you who are entering the energy field of others during healing sessions. Be sure you are in alignment so that you do not impregnate them with your misaligned energy or absorb theirs.

This is also true for group gatherings such as social media groups and meditation groups. Protect your energy field by surrounding it with Divine Love, as though you are encased fully in an eggshell. Increase this energy daily, for it will help you from being overwhelmed by the “collective consciousness” which is full of negativity. This dark energy is currently being amplified daily and those who are of the Light will help to balance it.

Right now, many countries are beginning to open up from the coronavirus lockdowns. This has many people on edge. Many are now bankrupt and with the added fear of catching this or any disease is being amplified by the media and others who are spreading misinformation. Keep in mind that any virus has the benefit of making the body stronger, thus do not fear this. If it is your time to die, you will die. You live in a dense planet of duality where death and disease are a natural part of the experience, thus why fear what is inevitable?

Empower your mind with knowledge such as taking better care of your body.

This will strengthen your immune system, which is designed to handle viruses. Heal your emotional wounds, for those emotional energies that are off balance is the worst virus you can experience, for it is the cause of nearly every physical malady you have experienced, including “accidents.”

Pay attention to your thoughts and where you place your attention, for those that bring you down energetically and create fear also affects your emotional body, which then weakens your physical immune system. Spend more time discovering and experiencing your True Identity, that of being an aspect of your Higher Self. It is when one is not in alignment with the Source of All and one’s Higher Self that the domino effect goes into play.

Can you see how all of your “bodies” are intertwined? How one affects all? Starting with your Identity Body, if you do not experience that you are One with All and in tune with your Higher Self, that filters down to your Mental Body, then your Emotional Body and ultimately affects your Physical Body. Understanding this IS the Awakening Path. There is no other knowledge on earth that has more importance than making this discovery and then implementing the changes so that you become an Ambassador of Love while in human incarnation.

So many are seeking and feeling lost because they do not know their purpose on earth.

The knowledge is the basic purpose for those who are Seeking and choosing to awaken in this lifetime. Your numbers are few, but the few are what is needed to come together in order to affect the whole. So, ask yourself what is more important for you to focus on than your own awakening. Do keep in mind that you can affect great changes by being an “at home” mother, a janitor or store clerk. What you do is not nearly as important as why you do what you do… and how you do it… and your conscious purpose for doing it. Make the experience of Divine Love your prime focus and then watch the magic unfold within and around you.

We are blessed to be in direct connection with you and do hope that you ponder these words and take the necessary actions to empower yourself more fully. Share these words with others who have “ears to hear” and are also ready to step further along the conscious path to Awareness.

You are loved beyond measure,
Metatron and the SoulCleanse Team

* Dictated by Theresa Crabtree

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  1. szczescieabc

    Theresa, thank you so much… I needed this words this morning, as I am for 10+ y. on a quest “why i am here?” I know I am Divine Love, just have to let my light shine more and more 🙂 Any hints on that?
    Have a wonderful Day
    Dr. Dora … the Explorer 😉

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