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Message from the Masters 021923

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Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
February 19, 2023

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with honor and delight that we commune again with you. We are ecstatic when you join together for your upliftment and for the global portion of the cleanse in which you extend your love and concern to those around you. For all of us, in essence, are connected. We are all from the same Source. At the Soul level, we all are anchored in Divine Love.

We understand that this concept is hard to totally understand and especially to feel within your core when all around you seems to be in chaos. However, much of that chaos does not have to be part of your reality. For in recent history, many of the skirmishes and turmoil around the world was happening in regions that you had no knowledge of. With the advent of world news through sources such as the internet, now the woes of those across the globe are being brought to your attention. Like all things, there is “good” and ”bad” associated with the technologies available to you.

The hard part is how to deal with this constant flood of negativity that surrounds you. If you are feeling low when you read the news, see horrific scenes on television or the computer, we encourage you to disconnect. You have enough to deal with in your own circles. This also includes what you choose to focus on, including movies, books, TV programs, war games, pornography, etc. What you focus on becomes your reality. These images are loaded into your subconscious mind and become a part of the foundation of your reality.

This is also true of the words you speak and the words you listen to. Take time this week to go on an inward journey each day. Begin to look at why you react to the things that happen. What are the roots of the beliefs you live by? Do you offer advice and give opinions that do not reflect what you are choosing in your own life? What do you spend your time and attention upon? Do these things uplift you? Do they ignite your passion? Why do you believe what you believe? Who are you?

Daily there is an alarming rate of misinformation being spread around the world. When a fearful or disparaging thought overcomes you, look at the root of it. What we see happening at an alarming rate, is that someone reads something that is not true. But the reader, without researching the issue, takes it on as their belief. Immediately, fear, anger, resentment and other emotions rise to the surface. Then the person reacts to those around them, upsetting others as well as getting themselves off balance by internalizing it.

Ironically, people complain about being fooled and manipulated, sinking even further into despair, outrage, etc. But dear one, don’t you see that it was your choice to believe that information without researching the facts? In most cases, one doesn’t even need to research that opinion, for one has the opportunity to say, “No, I don’t care to hold onto that belief or dwell on that thought. I choose to remain balanced and focused on more loving thoughts.”

The only way to stay balanced is through meditation, quiet, contemplative daily time to go within and review the day. Find out who you are and who you choose to be. This is a personal path for everyone. Yet most live 9-5 jobs, focusing on the weekend. Rarely do they look beyond to anything higher, what ignites the soul on a deep level. Either despair or exhaustion tends to rule the mind on Monday morning as one returns to repeat the pattern. The highest ideal is often the hope of eventual retirement when one can sit back and do nothing. Yet, even that soon grows wearisome for most.

To find happiness and joy, one must know thyself. They must create their own moral code or set of beliefs based on what they truly believe. Then when their thoughts, words and actions are in alignment with Divine Love, bliss becomes predominant. Then one can find joy in all things. Then one can become more impartial to the antics of others who create chaos. One can begin to withdraw out of the cesspool of negativity propagated by others. It is a choice. Your choice is to choose from the unconscious routine of each day, based on beliefs you haven’t researched or those you have adopted from a more enlightened state of being.

All of you have beliefs you have adopted from your birth onward. The energy from other lifetimes may also be within your energy field, waiting to be recognized, reversed and released or enhanced. Those who take time to filter out what isn’t uplifting, have a much easier time not taking on more that doesn’t truly resonate with the loving person they wish to express to the world.

Thus, be mindful and daily review your chosen activities. Were you able to find joy in what you were doing? If not, consider whether this is something you wish to continue doing. If not, come up with upgraded choices and begin on the morrow. Review your strong thoughts and see if they are uplifting or need to be banished. Notice the reactions of others to your words. Were they uplifting or harmful to others or yourself? Did they truly reflect the person that you want to be?

For those who are waiting for others to save them, this will not happen. One must “save” themselves from their own thoughts, words, beliefs, emotions and actions. It is always an inner job. For those who are blaming others for the mess in the world, look within to see if your thoughts, words, beliefs, emotions and actions are adding to the cesspool or are they of benefit to yourself and others?

As you often hear, BE the change that you wish to see in the world. There is a lot of importance within this concept. When applied, one by one, you will anchor more Light and positivity in the world. That energy emanates from you in all directions and will influence all others who come into contact with it.

You have all experienced how just one person, in one moment can truly affect you in a “negative” way. Well, you also have the potential to do the same in any given moment. This is why it is important to uplift yourself. For in so doing, you can more readily affect others in a “positive” way.

You can live your life mainly on autopilot, sponging up anything you hear then squeezing that information onto others. Or you can consciously choose to take whatever comes to you and consciously choose to adopt it or let it flow past you. The choice is always yours. You can live more as an automaton based on other’s programming that you have adopted. Or you can look at what has you off balance and begin to reprogram your brain and heart based on what you truly desire. Of course, we hope those desires are based on Divine Love rather than more mud that you picked up on a journey down the rabbit hole.

When you are taking a shower, imagine that all the muddy energy, thoughts, beliefs, ideas and such that hinder you are flowing off of you and going down the drain. In your meditation time, do the same. Dare to ask what your deepest fears are. Dare to examine your beliefs with an open mind. Dare to be the person you want to be. Then you will be the one that you have been waiting for. It is all available to you, but you must be diligent in what you embrace and who you choose to be in company with.

You have immeasurable power within you. Find it. Unlock it. Then BE the Light that you are. Have no concerns about what others might think about your Light. That is their opinion. Work past comparing yourself to others and be the unique Self that you are. Try on new ideas and ways of being. If it brings you joy, then continue with that. If it doesn’t express what you wish to experience, then choose again. It’s that simple, but it does take courage and strength to swim against the tide. Sometimes you may want to float down the river for rest and recreation. When the rough water comes, instead of fearing it, stay calm and look at ways you can master the rapids. Do so with a sense of adventure, rather than fear, and you will begin to look forward to the next challenge, rather than with dread. Challenges are the spice of life that makes your time on earth more exciting and blissful.

Know that you have within yourself all that is needed to create a life of inner peace and bliss, no matter what chaos ensues around you. You are never alone, there are myriads of Masters and your own Higher Self/Soul who are there to help Guide you. Go within and learn to trust your own intuition, then you will be even more equipped to navigate past a lot of the chaos that was never meant to be yours in the first place.

We love you beyond measure,
Metatron and the Masters


** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Consider joining us for future Celestial Gatherings for personal and global healing and upliftment. Share with those who have ears to hear.

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