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Layers of Fear

How have you released fears or stopped negative thought patterns?
Share your successes below, it may help someone else!

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  1. steven-robert: hinz

    I’ve used several methods to remove fear, the source of negative thought loops (paterns). Here are my top three.

    For an immediate but somewhat temporary fix, I have put on some music and danced like no one was watching, even if I was in the center of a prison compound and many were watching. For you, this may be the privacy of your house or your back yard. Private or public is up to you.

    If you chose public, I feel you’ll get more from the practice because you’ll be working directly on the fear of what others think of you (while eliminating the negative thought loop you started with). This builds a sense of inner strength, confidence and worthiness. Especially, when later, someone acknowledges seeing you, you stand in your truth by owning having done it, and they tell you how they enjoyed watching it or how you made them laugh for the first time in a while.

    Do this, repeat often.

    For deeper work, I’ve done EFT or TFT, commonly known as “tapping”. Many videos of this can be found on youtube. For a more thorough systematic approach to eliminate all your fears, get the book “The EFT Manual” by Gary Craig and follow his instructions.

    Another highly effective method is called B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) or the Morter March. I’m confident you can gather some instruction doing some searching on-line. However, this instruction can best be found through a membership in The Global Information Network, of which I am a member.

    I wish all of you the best of results through these practices. If you feel so inclined to reach out to me, that is best done through Theresa. Please also check out our book, “Enlightenment Behind Bars”. So, that’s it.

    Be of Joy,

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