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June 21, 2020 New Moon Message

June 21, 2020
Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering


Greetings Dear Ones,

We are indeed happy that you are consciously choosing to connect with us. Very few on earth know of us or believe in us and this indeed is a sad state of affairs, for they keep themselves locked in the misery that abounds on earth.

However, be of good cheer, for those of you who are consciously awakening, just your presence alone on earth, does have a positive aspect for all of those who reside on the planet.

So many who are awakening feel disjointed, like they don’t belong here, that they aren’t doing enough and wallowing in the worry of “what am I supposed to be doing?”

The answer is quite simple. Be the best expression of love and kindness that you can be. The more you release fear and limiting beliefs… the more you release the stuck emotions from the past… and the less concerned you are about all of the possible mishaps in the future… the more you will free yourself to simply BE in the current moment.

We have related many times how the creative potential lies in the moment, thus choose your words, your thoughts, your emotions, your desires carefully, for they will free you from the past and unlock glorious opportunities for the future… when you base your desires on things that will help you to expand your expression of love.

Simple acts, from the heart, without expectations, when multiplied over and over are what is needed to make your life a wonderful expression of who you are… an aspect, an Ambassador of Divine Love, a part of your Higher Self that remains forever out of the torture of the duality on earth. Be on the earth, but not part of the sticky mire. Instead, choose what inspires you and brings you joy.

Take time to review your current life. What no longer brings you joy? Make the plan to step out of that stickiness. What have you been putting off doing? Look deep into the fears and blocks that you have created and are holding you back.

You are not here to save anyone, not even yourself, for the True You, your Higher Self, is grounded and in a high space of Divine Love.

It does not need to be saved. Your Higher Self did not create you to come to earth just to experience the stickiness of earth, although there is much growth to be obtained when having these experiences.

Your Higher Self decided to send an aspect of itself to be an example of Divine Love. This is not true for all humans, for there are many complexities, since each is unique. But those are not the ones who would be reading this. However, you, as an Ambassador of Love came to simply anchor love and peace. Yet, your desire was also to experience the beauty on earth. There is much diversity on this planet that cannot be experienced the same while out of a physical body. Thus, take time to explore what feels like fun and creates excitement for you. The key is balance in all things… and respect for each other.

There is much unrest happening around you, but you do not need to be a part of this.

Choose the role of the Observer… and then take part in whatever brings you satisfaction and inner peace. Many times, a person makes a much more impactful statement by choosing not to participate in rallies or other activities. If someone judges you for this, send that energy back to them. Speak your truth, then as a co-creator of your life, walk your path in your unique manner. Then you will be more in alignment with your purposes for coming to earth.

Unless you feel a strong pull to do something huge and magnificent, then it is likely that you are here simply to expand your consciousness more and to add more experiences to your living library, the energy of your lifestream. Tune in before making important choices and follow your heart and your intuition. When you feel unrest about a situation, visualize the situation from many perspectives until you find the first path that makes your heart soar… or at the least, it sparks something you want to do because it feels good for you.

Watch for the pitfalls of feeling you “must” do this or that to save others. That will only lead to more chaos and confusion.

A better path is to choose what helps you awaken to being more of an Ambassador of Divine Love and then you will be a role model to others… those who choose you. You don’t need to go out and try to push your beliefs and fears on others. Rather, stand in your truth as you are enjoying the bounty of the world and welcome those who come to you. Those are your students. Those are your teachers.

You will not be a good role model if you lose hope in yourself and wallow in the mire. Thus, pull yourself up first. When you reach to us for assistance, then we can be part of your ascension plan. We encourage you to reach up to us for help, for we know how deeply rooted the dark is on earth. But you will never find your way to the ascension ladder or to even take one step up as long as you keep yourself stuck in the past, in the pain and ignoring your emotional wounds… or locking yourself up in the mental box of “I can’t do this.”

You hold the key to free yourself from self-imposed blocks and boxes.

We cannot unlock them for you. You must do the inner work and then ask for our help, then we are more than willing to help you, as long as you Seek to expand your awareness of your True Roots. Then we will be in a glorious union and more than happy to be of service to you. But, you must be the initiator and the one willing to stop being a back seat driver ,and take over the steering wheel of your life. We are rooting for you!

Know that you are never alone.
We love you beyond measure.

Metatron and the SoulCleanse Team
Dictated by Reverend Theresa Crabtree
June 21, 2020

You are encouraged to share this message with those who have ears to hear. Please share in its entirety. We do hope that you will continue to join us in the Celestial Gatherings as we work to create more unity on earth and beyond.

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  1. szczescieabc

    Important read to understand when you feeling out of place, not safe, not worthy, not enough ….

  2. jayant mahajan

    RTC I am grateful to u as this blog opened all my blocks of stored pain, attachment and all incidents after 50 yrs journey.

    1. admin

      That makes my heart sing!

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