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June 20, 2020 Solstice Message from the Masters

Message from the Masters
Solstice Celestial Gathering
June 20, 2020

Greetings Dear Ones,

Welcome to the beginning of another season, as the cycle of the sun affects your beautiful planet. There is much to be thankful for. We express our gratitude for those of you who are reaching beyond duality and inviting us to consciously be a part of your journey.

We invite you to begin this season by going within and taking stock of your life. Look at they way you do things and your life circumstances. What brings you joy and what brings you stagnation. We invite you to uproot those things that are not serving you and begin, each day to plant the seeds of whatever ignites your passion and brings a smile to your face.

These seeds can be as small as changing a simple habit, such as drinking a full glass of water upon arising from your night’s slumber. Start small and work up to the more challenging situations in your life such as jobs that are unsatisfying, relationships that need a major overhaul and anything that consistently brings you off balance.

There is much unrest in the world at this time. This unrest is of a magnitude never experienced before on earth, for it affects every human on earth to some degree. Yet, amidst the chaos, you do have the ability to not join in much of the unrest. You can stay in your cozy home and with your diligent prayers and intentions, you can do much good. However, you will be most effective if you first take care of the imbalance within yourself.

As you may already know, what you reap, you sow. As within, so without. In other words, whatever emotions, thoughts and beliefs you are self-generating, that is what you are also emitting. And we can assure you that many are emitting energies much more harmful than any 5G cell tower. Thus, look for your own pollutants and one by one, transform them in the highest degree of Love that you can create in that moment.

The more self-love you can generate, the more capable you become at truly unconditionally loving others. Many of you believe that your acts of kindness are truly unconditional. Yet, you whine and complain when your expectations are not met or recognized. This is true evidence that conditional love is the root of those actions. So, look deep within so that you can dig out those fears and beliefs that you have created throughout this incarnation… and for some of you, these go much deeper, coming from previous earth incarnations.

We hope that you will join us more often as a group, for the effects of cohesive prayers and intentions is the cure for what ails all on earth. You have the opportunity in this lifetime to ascend out of duality. But this does take due diligence. It won’t come from an outside source. This is an inside job.

The more you work on clearing the blocks you have created, the easier it is to discern the Truth. We are here at your beck and call in every moment. You will hear us when you are ready. This is not a communication that can be forced. It is a two-way street. In order to have open communication, we must be able to connect energetically.

When you think of energy trying to pass through a lead barrier, such as a vest that an x-ray tech wears over one’s heart, you can gain an understanding of which we speak. You can send out energy, but the walls you have created won’t allow it to flow freely in all directions. Thus, you hinder not only the energy you emit, but also the energy that you allow in.

Our love for you is mighty and unconditional. We have to “tamp down” our energy in order to share this Divine Love with you. If not, we would blow your circuitry. From your end, you will need to “amp up” your energy, so that you open your circuits in order to receive our higher vibrational Love.

For those of you who are not able to consciously connect with your Higher Self and Team at this time, it is this melding of energies that is lacking. We can assure you that the lack of conscious connection is never a problem from our side. It is always on the side of the one in human form. And for those who truly Seek to open this communication, it can happen instantaneously. Until then, look within yourself to see where you are creating the circuit blocks. Even if others did harmful things to you, you are still the one responsible for forgiving, releasing and opening your heart. Blind rage, revenge, self-pity are common problems for those who have yet to release these accumulated energies.

Thus, go within to find the root cause of the unrest and begin to tend your inner garden. While in the garden, take time to sit with your favorite Master and/or your Higher Self. We are Master Gardeners and if you ask us for inner Guidance on how to best tend your inner garden, we will assist you. However, do understand that we do not condone or participate in co-dependent interactions. That is to say that you must do your work, we will assist as much as we can. However, we have Laws to follow and we will not interfere to the point of doing more for another than they do for themselves. This creates stagnation and puts one’s belief on a savior.

We wish to let you know that you are the savior you have been waiting for. Your current moment is where your co-creation power lies. Thus, bear fruit in the current moment as you make the choices that lead to your desired experience. You can use this power to experience things that are uplifting and will help you to arise out of duality. You can also use this power to experience things that lead to greed, chaos and mayhem. The choice is yours. We make no judgment. Although we do sincerely hope that you choose what will lead you to the highest degree of Divine Love.

Make this a day of insight and express it with gratitude.

We love you beyond measure,
Metatron and the SoulCleanse Team

Dictated by Reverend Theresa Crabtree
June 20, 2020

*** You are encouraged to share this message with those who have ears to hear. We do ask that you send it in its entirety.

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