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How did you do it?

What habit have you been able to change?

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  1. Sherley818

    I was married for 23 years and after my divorce “getting over it” and “letting go” seemed impossible. People told me to do it just not how to do it. So I can up with a strategy. When I was thinking of my ex or missing him- I stomped – literally- physically – stepped down hard on the thought and then said aloud “I deserved better – and my future is now brighter.”

    Overtime I needed to do it less and less. I added a physical act and language reinforcement to change that habit.

    1. admin

      Great strategy! That reminds me of all the stomping one does in country dancing… I am seeing a new kind of anger therapy management course developing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. drkcheshirekat

    Sometimes if you are aware of the habit and the cause it’s easier to breakthrough while understanding the pattern that develops from it.

    1. admin

      I agree! When you can get to the root cause, it is a lot easier to deal with it.

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