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Express gratitude each morning as you arise. Set aside a few moments to appreciate everything in your environment. Relax and release the tension in your body.

Thank Creator for your opportunity to walk the Earth in physical form. Send waves of gratitude to the multitude of Spirit Guides who support and assist you. Acknowledge your body, paying attention to its needs. Increase your well-being and the circuitry that allows you access to All. In every moment, see yourself as whole and complete. Your body is a temporary dwelling place, a temple and deserving to be treated as such.

When unpleasant issues crop up, pay special attention and feel gratitude for the event. Recognize that painful experiences can be your greatest teacher. They can help you better understand your Self. Once you overcome viewing them as negative or as obstacles, your vibrational frequency will rise. Gratitude is one of the highest frequencies attainable while living in human form.

Love and gratitude are partners; one cannot exist without the other. Practice receiving and giving gratitude for everything that occurs in your life until it becomes a habit. Be grateful for every moment and every opportunity that arises!

Take time throughout the day to express gratitude to your Self and others. Continue this practice until it becomes second nature. Gratefully and gracefully experience every opportunity presented to you in each moment.

Practice acts of kindness, not as an obligation, but for the sheer joy of sharing your talents and love. Make this part of your spiritual practice. Soon you will find yourself feeling unconditional love on a level deeper than you currently fathom.

We all come from one Source and at the appointed time, we will each merge again with Source. Even the darkest of dark will return to the Light. As you walk your path of spiritual awakening, enjoy the time you have on Earth. Allow yourself to experience life with joy and harmony!

Excerpt from Universal Truth © 2020  Theresa Crabtree. All Rights Reserved.  Permission is granted to share this post when you include this copyright statement.


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