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Following Your Dreams

Are you following your dreams? Do you feel unsatisfied in any area of your life? Take time to step back and re-discover who you are. When you were a child, you dreamed of things you wanted to experience in your life. However, as time passed, you were side-tracked or let others stomp on your dreams and you let them fall to the wayside.

Take time now to reflect back on those dreams you set aside. Which ones still spark your imagination? Look closely at those dreams and find ways to make them your reality. Seek others who have stepped “out of the box” and moved forward with their dreams. These are the people who will support you the most, for they have pressed through their inner fears and the ridicule from others around them.

To fulfill your dreams, you may need to make major changes such as leaving a church, ending a relationship, changing jobs or moving to a new location. Each one of these takes great courage but the experiences are well worth the effort.

If you are not ready to make a major change or don’t know where to begin, start by using your imagination and allow yourself to dream of every possibility that comes into your mind, no matter how fantastical it may be. If you can visualize it, if you can feel it, if you can taste it, you can create it!

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