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Greetings Dear Ones,

We are filled with joy whenever you seek our assistance and wish to communicate with us. As you know, the majority of people on earth are not consciously aware of what we can offer to them. So, it is indeed a blessing to us to assist those of you who wish to be in communion with us.

As you know, things are a bit unsettled on earth, even more than the usual chaos. However, you do not need to be a part of the drama or get into the middle of debates over the opinions of others. Much of what you are exposed to is the result of hysteria and perpetrated lies. In all things, be sure to know the source of the information you consider taking on as your belief. Do your own research before declaring a new truth. This may save you an endless amount of wasted energy down the line.

When something does not uplift or inspire you, then redirect your attention elsewhere.

If you feel your role on earth is to be a whistleblower, then follow that path. If you choose the role of a vocal activist who offers solutions rather than just a regurgitation of problems, then follow that path. However, whatever path you choose, do your research so that you do not propagate more mayhem in the world. Do be mindful that what you put out will come back to you. Thus, spreading false truths or fear-mongering will be the lot of those who are blindly leading the blind.

Now, onto more pleasant things. We are happy to note that many of you are placing more attention on the blessings of this time. Many are coming to their senses and beginning to change the priorities in their life. Celebrate these blessings. It is unfortunate that so many have to hit rock bottom before “looking up” for assistance. However, there is your proof that even the bad things can be a blessing.

We encourage you to keep your focus on what you wish to experience.

The time is nearing for the re-integration back into society. Before this, take time to ponder what things in your life you would like to adjust. What old patterns do you wish to not resume? Are there certain people, places or events that is in your best interest to leave behind? Many have lost their jobs and of course, this creates the fear associated with taking care of your needs. Yet, if that was a job you didn’t enjoy, accept this as a blessing that can help catapult you into an area that makes your heart sing.

Many are in relationships that are holding you back, especially on your ascension path. Take a good look to see if it is time to renew the commitment or let it loose. If you wish to give it another go around, then consider counseling, or at least a mentor to help you to communicate better. Practice now to speak your truth in all situations. Delve deep into the fears that hold you hostage from being your true self. Free yourself from bonds with any person, place or event that keeps you distracted from your path.

You are the creator of your reality.

Although there are limits due to the laws of the universe, you do have a great deal of freedom of choice. You now have a greater understanding of just how confining the world can be. Look at the things you missed the most while in confinement. Look deeply to see if the things you missed are in your best interest. Release those that no longer serve you. Express gratitude as you make plans to reintegrate those things that bring you joy or lead you to enlightenment.

If ascending duality in this lifetime is a goal for you, then this time of confinement has been a wonderful tool for you to discover the things that you are attached to.

In order to ascend, you will need to leave everything behind. Thus, it is good to look at the things that brought up the most upsetting emotions. Ask yourself, what if I died tonight, would any of these things hold me back? Anything that is less than unconditional love will block you from ascension. And if you’ve had enough of the earth experience, then you would be wise to work on moving all the negativity in your life closer towards Divine Love.

Every day, thousands of people die, and an untold number get stuck in the earth plane due to their attachment to people, addictive substances, fear and unresolved emotions. Many more move on, only to recycle back to earth for another chance of ascending the physical realm. Most of you reading this are already sure you don’t want another go around on earth. If this is true for you, then now is the time to start releasing what no longer serves you. The more resistance you release, the more you allow yourself to express your creativity. And a creator is what you are at the core. So, what do you wish to create with your remaining days on earth? Prepare yourself for the ultimate baptism, jumping into the River of Life. Take the leap of faith and allow yourself to go with the flow!

Know that you are loved beyond measure.

Anytime you feel down and frustrated, call upon us and we will gladly shower you with more Divine Love. This Love flows freely at all times but is blocked when your fears and low vibrational choices create dams in your energy field. Release those blocks and accept us fully as your brothers and sisters. There is no true separation between us. We are all one, from the same Source, each experiencing life in a unique way. Come to us whenever you need Guidance. You may not hear or receive what we share with you, but be vigilant, for we have bestowed the gifts that are in alignment with your Higher Self. You just have to be open and alert in order to recognize and gather the blessings.

Be love, always, all ways!
The Masters

Dictated by Reverend Theresa Crabtree

You are encouraged to share this message in its entirety. It is our hope that you will join us for the next Celestial Gathering on the New Moon, May 22.

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  1. Maria Heretaki

    Just the “Soul Medicine” I needed right now.

    Thank you for the valuable reminder of letting go of attachments holding us back from ascending to the next vibrational level.

    …they are so often camouflaged with people and places that are given more merit than what they really deserve.

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