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Enlighten Yourself

Seek ways to enlighten yourself by overcoming fears and obstacles that keep you from moving upward. Focus your attention on ways you can move forward. Leave behind persons, places and events that keep you bogged in the mire.

Choose acts of kindness, not of servitude, for that places you in a position of insubordination or “less than.” Be wary of spending too much time “saving” others to the detriment of moving yourself forward. Otherwise, you become part of the problem, not the solution. Know that many will remain stuck in the mire, yet all is well, for every person ultimately will return to Source.

There will be times when what you do for yourself will be looked upon by you and others as acts of selfishness. At those times, keep your focus and make the choices that lead you to a fulfilling life of peace and joy. When you release the burden of saving others, you open the doorway to becoming a role model for those you are concerned about. However, be wary not to enable others, for this creates a sense of helplessness and unworthiness.

Never lose sight of the Big Picture. Enlighten yourself first and each day you will be Guided to your next step.

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