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Embrace All

Love, like all emotions, has a unique energetic vibration. Every time a human reaches a new level of unconditional love, a higher level of vibration is also reached. The sense of loving others unconditionally increases. Eventually, you will see all others as equals, as siblings, none greater and none lesser. You will come to the understanding that everyone is a child of the Creator playing a unique role on Earth. Begin to look into each other’s eyes and see a reflection of yourself and know that each person is a part of your Self. You will better understand that you are truly a spiritual being having a human experience.
What is important is that you seek to love all others as your most cherished sibling. No matter what culture, race or ethnic background, we all come from the same heavenly family. Once we get beyond the barriers of separation and begin to live together in harmony, we will find that Earth is a paradise for all to enjoy in peace and love.
Begin to see all others as an extension of yourself. See each experience that happens as a blessing and a lesson that has the ability to move you closer to Light and Love.
Remember that dark energies glop together forming dense layers of low energy. Light energies such as unconditional love, gently flow through all things like a light breeze on an early spring morning. Choose how to respond to each situation that arises in your life. Choose only situations that lead you to love and watch as your life magically unfolds.
You have the ability to move forward and change the things that keep you from being happy each moment. Everything you need is within. Do not forget what a wonderful person you are! Greet each day with new eyes, looking at each person you encounter, knowing they are your brothers and sisters. Have the courage to break through any barriers that keep you in separation.

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