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Meet Marshal… After four years of extensive training, at the age of 16, Marshal was accepted under Cherokee Tribal status as a Holy Man.
In the book, Marshal states, “Being incarcerated changed my life. Eventually, I realized what I had been missing. Family and friends had been there for me, but I did not see them. I had taken everything and everyone for granted, until I lost them.”
Falsely accused, he is serving his 25th year in prison on a 50 year sentence. Since 2002, he has been a member and spiritual leader in the prison’s Native American Circle.

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  1. Artie Lookinghawk

    Dear Sister,
    Thank you for sharing this amazing, inspirational story. I believe we have all been and done many things on our Souls journey. Many of us have been aware of the past journeys we have had. Through prayers and meditation we see a glimpse of these memories. When we become aware of something that we have done before, we should listen to our hearts and intuition and through visions we will see angels and feel the past.

    1. admin

      Wise words, brother!

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