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In the Moment

It took Joe 30 years of incarceration to begin his awakening.
Now he is a shining Light in the “Belly of the Beast.”
Enjoy a bit of his wisdom below.

“I was told long ago that I should take life one day at a time,
but as time passed by, I came to realize that I needed to “live life,”
not merely “take life.”

In order for me to live life, I needed to live one moment at a time
because each moment has the potential for something amazing.

A moment is just a stepping stone to the next moment.
As I walk one step at a time, so I live one moment at a time.

If I stumble with a step, I gather myself up, regain my balance
and move forward into the next moment.”

~ Joe Kinney, author, currently incarcerated for 36 years on a 72 year sentence”

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