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Finding the Holy Spirit in prison

The other day, I was watching a guy who was extremely frustrated about two peanut squeezes that cost a dollar and that someone said they would give to him. The facial expressions, the energy and the mind-state he was in was obviously not of the Holy Spirit. The guy looked at me and began getting very angry at me for looking at him.

I looked at the guy with sympathy and said, “God bless you.”

The guy paused, then said, “Thank you.”

We have all been angry and frustrated, we have quenched or ran away from the Holy Spirit. But, now and always, we should be mindful not to trade the priceless Holy Spirit for incomparable things, whether material or emotional.

We should consider what we are doing when we become angry and sinful. Think about how you feel in those low energy frequencies. We are denying the Holy Spirit and switching it with an unholy spirit. This is not good because nothing good comes from an unholy spirit, only misery and death.

Richard Francis, Florida prison inmate
Excerpt from “Enlightenment Behind Bars”

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