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E.T. Phone Home

E.T. Phone Home – There are a growing number of people who have created the belief that E.T.s will be coming to Earth to save humans from inevitable destruction. Although many are here to assist the human race, your only savior is you. You are fully responsible for what you choose every moment. When you place your hope on a savior, you give away your personal power. This is never a wise thing to do.

Every human on Earth has lived elsewhere before this incarnation, so essentially each of us are extra-terrestrials. We are One with the entire universe, all coming from the same Source. We are at a time in history that allows full remembrance of our spiritual nature while remaining embodied in human form.

Be not afraid when you encounter your star brothers. However, be warned that some do exist that are in sheep’s clothing. There are many humans like this, posing as your friends but having underlying motives to swindle you. Many of the experiences set up by those with unkind motives are now crumbling.

Those of lower frequencies prey on those who are gullible and live with victim tendencies.
None of them have the power to steal your soul, but they can convince you to follow their leadership. Eliminate the fears and beliefs that keep you blocked from direct communication with your Soul, and you will never be deceived.

If you do not like the systems you as a people have set up, take steps to transform them. If you do not like the things people say or do, release your attachment to them. Everything you say or do is in your control. Take responsibility for your actions and choose thoughts that pave the path for what you desire.

Visualize the world you wish to live in, then every moment act as though it were already so.

You will be amazed how quickly your thoughts will manifest your dreams. Face your fears, challenge your beliefs and live the life of your dreams.

Embrace your star brothers and sisters. Love all, no matter what Path they are walking, for in loving your enemy, you increase your vibrational level and offer the same to them. Feel gratitude for every experience and be willing to receive and share all gifts bestowed upon you, no matter how small or how grand they appear to be.

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