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Decrease Fear, Increase Love

In order to decrease fear and increase love, you must face your fears. Like a bully, your fears will dwindle and back off when you boldly confront them. Changing the behaviors that keep your fears intact requires effort and courage. This is your public statement that you are changing something inside yourself that no longer serves you. Some may encourage you, while others may ridicule you, but stand fast to your truth and press forward.
Your love will exponentially increase with each fear you release, for you cannot hold on to both at the same time. If you are harboring anger, hate or frustration towards another, you will block the flow of love. Some love may filter through when your time together is going well. However, the flow is still constricted due to the lower frequencies targeted towards that person.
Others around you will be operating from their own fear-based foundation. You may react to an unresolved issue from your past. They, in turn, will be triggered by your reaction to an unresolved issue in their life. Thus, wars are waged in the schoolyard, the bedroom and boardroom.
The more you love decrease fear and increase love, the more you can express love to others. Many think they are unconditionally loving others until the person refuses to respond to their wishes.
Take time every day to go within and find your fears and low vibrational beliefs and release them. This will open doors to choosing beliefs that are lighter, moving you closer to making love-based choices.

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