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Darkness to Light

Moving from Darkness to Light: If you wish to change your vibration on Earth, you will need to release any dark energy that inhibits you from accepting the blessings of free-flowing love. Spend time reflecting on your own inner darkness rather than what others have done, for you have no control over their choices, only your own. There is no other thing on Earth that is more important.
You are the creator of your reality. Yes, there are things that are beyond your control due to the mass consciousness of large groups. However, these issues cannot affect you on a deep level, unless you choose to set your attention there. Disease, depression, oppression are all beliefs you can hold dear to your heart or reject. Look inside deeply, observe your beliefs and choose whether to continue with those beliefs or to discard them and replace them with new ones.

You have everything within to create the world of your dreams.

How much more effective will it be if those who have a vision of Heaven on Earth begin to work together co-creatively toward this common goal? Just as light overcomes darkness when a candle is lit, each Lightworker cancels out a huge number of those who work with the darkness. Exponentially, your creative powers accelerate and offset what those who work for the Dark are trying to achieve.

You have the power and ability to create a utopian society for yourself even amongst all the angst of the world. Seek like-minded individuals who are not in the doom and gloom of the unthinkable acts of those who have taken control of the masses.

Talk to these like-minded individuals, learn what they have done and are currently doing to avoid being caught in the web of hysteria. Make friends with these people. Move to another location if you feel where you are is not in your best interest. Pay attention to your passions. What do you truly desire? Once you find your passions, take steps to make them a part of your reality.

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