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Coronavirus Blessings

There has been much global angst and disruption associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, everyday, new blessings as a result of these disruptions is appearing in every sector of life.

What blessings have you witnessed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic?

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  1. Karen

    This is caused by our own negative treatment of the Earth.

  2. steven-robert: hinz

    I’ve seen first hand people learning to live with less “stuff”. They are learning the difference between needing something and wanting it. When you need something it is in some way necessary to your physical or emotional health/existance.
    This is a growth spurt I consciousness for many.
    Also, in some, I’ve seen opportunities for financial gain present themselves.
    Others have had to face their debtors and be proactive in renegotiation or letting go of those bigger “wants”.

    I’ve seen the return of attention to our connectedness. The realizations that globally we are connected. What affects one area/population/ecology effects us all.
    Be of Joy,

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