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Coherent Prayers

Be sure your prayers are coherent, that all involved are united with the intention. Before you pray, hydrate your body with pure water. Go within, tune into your Soul, then ask if the prayer you wish to manifest is appropriate. If you get a positive answer, then call in the Soul of all those involved and ask the same question. Often, you will find that it is not your business to intercede.

Incoherent prayers often happen during group gatherings. Let us use the example of “world peace.” The group spokesperson states the intention, “We are gathered here to focus on creating world peace.” Yet rarely is the community involved setting off coherent thoughtforms. Some of the people in the circle may be visualizing the rounding up of government officials they label as criminals. They may even pray that they suffer horrendous deaths. Others may visualize armed troops gathering and torturing terrorists. Additionally, some may visualize everyone filled with peace. Others may prayer for the End Times or manifest the Rapture.

Many times, people with good intentions will send out prayer requests for someone who has cancer or mental health problems. Others, with equally good intentions, jump on board and blindly start praying. However, they may not know the full story of the intention of the one being prayed for. Perhaps it is time for this person to die. Maybe the Higher Self is allowing the anxiety and pain as an aid for the person’s spiritual awakening. When the prayers are not coherent, this can cause energy imbalances. Tune in with the Higher Selves of those involved before sending healing energy. This is true whether you are praying alone, in a group or at the request of a third party.

Coherent prayers are very powerful.

Each thought, word and emotion you energize sends ripples throughout the universe. Coherent prayers, especially by united groups, gather force and momentum. Thoughts of love flow freely, blessing those who are open to receiving love. Thoughts that are not of love, although you may righteously believe they are, cause more strife instead of peace. Pray wisely!

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