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Co-creation is the act of consciously working together to attain a specific goal. Through all ages, there have been Masters with incredible powers who have unlocked the secrets of the building blocks of this universe. Through their understanding, they have been able to do things that most humans cannot not do. However, veils between Dimensions are thinning, allowing information to flow freely to all who communicate with these Masters who have ascended duality. Many ancient mystery schools are now opening their doors to outsiders. Their secrets were guarded for centuries; however, now it is time for them to be shared by those whose hearts are pure.

No one and no thing can stop you from experiencing spiritual growth, unless you allow it.

You can also help others with their spiritual awakening as you attain more enlightenment. Master the ability to focus on your intention for an extended period of time. Become aware of your thoughts, words and actions; keep them flowing from a base of love. Face your fears and uncover false beliefs you adopted from childhood onward.

Make choices that lead towards healing your emotional trauma and the ability to love unconditionally. This will allow you to vibrate at a higher frequency. Your vibration then spreads out across the cosmos. Thus, raising your vibration affects those around you, giving them the opportunity to raise their vibration. That is co-creation in action.

Hold onto your vision of perfect health and harmony for yourself and others. Do your part by paying attention to what you think, do and say. Be a role model for others. Set time aside for daily meditation. Choose your friends wisely. Speak your truth. Walk the Path that leads to enlightenment. There is much to be gained by taking responsibility for yourself. Take each step in joy, knowing that you are manifesting a more bountiful life on Earth for all. You have already experienced the result of inaction. Now, take time to formulate your plan of action.

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