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Celestial Gathering Message: May 7, 2024

New Moon Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
May 7, 2024


Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with pleasure that we meet with you again. We recognize and understand that many of you are going through hardships at this time. We pray that you keep your focus on how you can increase the ability to freely give and receive love. That includes loving your all others unconditionally. For all have done good things and all have fallen short on many occasions. Keep your sight on the highest love, Divine Love, your Creator. For when the times are rough, there you will find your solace.

Sit today and study how you can improve the ability to maintain peace and extend love to those around you. For each little circle expands and those seeds of love will be planted in others. But first you must strengthen the plant in yourself. For no flower will be able to produce seeds until it has matured. Then the seeds will naturally flow with the wind and land where they will.

Many seek to live on a planet where love is predominant. That was how earth was designed. However, by the choices of humans, many seeds have fallen to the wayside. The Dark infiltrated and  mutated the seeds, (the thoughts) of humans, and thus much Dark has propagated as a result. Stay away from those mutations and focus on true Love. The choices and beliefs of others do not have to be part of your reality, of the choices and beliefs you hold dear.

Of course, there will be repercussions, for the choices others make are out of your control. Some of the effects of those choices are also out of your control, such as laws that are made, food prices and war. However, don’t lose your faith in the midst of the mess. Stand firm. Look at each of your beliefs and then stand by the ones that you hold to be true. Always be open-minded enough to consider the possibility that one or more of your beliefs are erroneous. Always be open-minded enough to consider that there is a higher level that can be attained in regards to some of your beliefs.

Look back to when you were five years old and you will discover that many of your beliefs have matured. With experience, some of your childhood beliefs came to be realized as false. Some needed further study for greater understanding. Always seek for greater understanding.

We ask that you make prayers for peace an integral part of each day until we meet again on the full moon. Plant the seeds of peace into the minds and hearts of all others. Most of all, nurture the peace and Divine Love that flows within you. Do no lose heart when you hear of wars and factions. Focus on what you came here to anchor and let your Light shine prayer.

We love you beyond measure, always in all ways.

The Masters

**Transcribed by Theresa Crabtree. Please share with those who have ears to hear. Invite others to join us for the healing opportunity each Celestial Gathering.


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