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Had an AWESOME meditation this morning. Part of it had to do with stopping judgment of people. The inspiration came to place a note in some prominent places that says simply… C.O.G.
The note is to remind me that everyone I encounter online or off… to remember that they, too are a Child of God (COG)… then to make a Heart Connection with them… and if a negative thought about them creeps in… to replace it with something positive about them.
I like this plan. 😉

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  1. Steven Robert Hinz

    Non-judgement/Self Realization/Enlightenment are all the samething. They are the realization that there is no duality, no seperation. We are all part of the Whole/God/Universe. Does your ring finger get mad or hate your index finger? Why then does one person get mad at another? Realization that we are all one, intigrating that into your Beingness is to live in Bliss, acceptance and allowing.
    Be of Joy,

    1. admin

      So true!

  2. Kathy

    What an incredible gift… thank you for sharing!

    1. admin


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