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Black Magic and Spells

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Black Magic and Spells are simply strong intentions that people send out to others. The most powerful ones are those in which the sender consciously calls in other dark minded people or other dimensional beings to send a strong, specific intention. However, how much this influx of dark energies affects the targeted person depends on that person’s energy field. If the targeted person is naturally vibing high, with a good foundation of self-love, love for others and connected to loving Spirit helpers, the dark energies sent by others will have little, to no effect.

Everything has a vibration and if one has a high vibration, the lower frequencies will not resonate. It’s similar to the waves in the ocean. Eventually, the smaller waves merge into and become one with the larger waves.

Thus, if you are vibrating in a high vibration of love, bliss, self-confidence, gratitude, etc., any lower vibrations will either be absorbed by the higher vibe or they will bounce off, leaving little or no residue on the targeted person.

When the higher vibe person takes care of their energy field by spending most of their time focused on things that are uplifting and using their creativity, it creates a protective shield around one’s aura. In fact, it IS the shield. Thus, any energies that don’t resonate will bounce off or pass through that person’s energy field.

Belief is a powerful magnet. If a person believes that others have power over them or that they are victims of other’s dark intentions, then that will become their reality. Every time something goes wrong, they are more likely to blame it on someone doing black magic on them. It’s an easy trap to fall into, especially in some cultures where this practice is more prevalent.

How to protect yourself? Through your beliefs, intentions, thoughts, words and behaviors. Be the person you want to be. Then change or let go of limiting beliefs that keep you locked in the past trauma. Stay away from hurtful people. Amp up the love in your heart. Release judgment and expectations of others. Avoid news, social media, negative people and anything else that poisons your mind, creates fear or keeps you focused off your Life Path.

Look around at the people who are happy and well-adjusted and find out what they do to maintain inner peace and self-love. Most will likely tell you that they meditate daily and do regular inner-spection in which they consciously choose to let go of people, places and things that bring them down. They choose to be around those that are uplifted and not to get entangled in others’ “stories.” There is a difference between having empathy for someone and walking away without absorbing their energies… or thinking that they are poor victims and absorbing their energies. See everyone as capable of making better life choices. Your role is to guide them up, not bring yourself down.

No one can save another, we simply plant seeds and then allow the others to choose what to do with those seeds. If you find that you tend to get off balance when you try to help others, then take time to review why this is happening. In most cases it is because you hope or expect others to follow your advice. It can be frustrating and emotionally wrenching to see others continue to make poor choices. However, solace yourself with the knowledge that in most cases, people have to reach the place of “enough is enough” before they take action and uplift themselves.

Keep in mind that at the Soul level, all is well. Earth is a place to explore and experience “not love” or Divine Love and we all do that in our unique way. If our life ends and at the Soul level we want to experience more or aim for experiencing higher degrees of Divine Love while incarnate, we will return to earth or elsewhere.

The most important thing to remember is that every person is a part of the Creator, the Source of All. At some point, everyone will return to the Sea of the Source where all is on the highest frequency, true Divine Love. The amount of time before the full return is not known, so enjoy the journey. When you feel off balance from what others say and do, go within and strengthen your roots. Then consciously expel any thoughts, words, beliefs and behaviors that keep you from remembering that you are already perfect. Be the person that you want others to aspire to be.

It’s easy to point fingers and say what others should or should not be doing. Instead, pay attention to your own weaknesses and create yourself into being the best you can be. Others will notice. Some will want to emulate you. Others will scoff. Always remember that other people’s opinion of you is simply that, their opinion. Their opinion does not have to be part of your reality. Conversely, your opinion of others is just that, your opinion. Your opinion does not have to be part of their reality. Choose your thoughts, words and actions more consciously, and re-discover how amazing you are!

Then when others are jealous or try to manipulate you with their thoughts, words and actions, no matter whether they call on a network of demons to attack you, you won’t be fazed. At the most, you might get a bit knocked off balance. But if you are properly and regularly meditating and doing inner-spections, you will quickly get back into balance.

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