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Awakening Tool: Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the highest frequencies one can experience.

Each morning, before getting out of bed, think of at least three things that you are grateful for.

FEEL gratitude for these things.

This will start your day with positive momentum.

You may want to keep a journal next to your bed and write down the things you are grateful for.

This will add more energy to the experience.

Set the intention that you want to remember to feel more gratitude throughout the day.

As an added exercise, post the word “gratitude” in a few places where you will see it throughout the day. Then think of something you are grateful for and feel the energy of gratitude, sending out a “thank you” to anyone involved.

Here are some ideas where to post your Gratitude reminder: bedside table, bathroom mirror, car dashboard, computer, refrigerator, work area, wallet or money purse.

To get into the habit, you can set a timer to go off throughout the day to remind you.

If you are with someone when the timer goes off, tell them something you appreciate about them.

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Be in peace!

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