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August 3, 2020

Message from the Masters
Full Moon Celestial Gathering
August 3, 2020


Dear Ones,

As we gather together each time, much more Light and Divine Love is being poured upon you and spread out globally, and beyond. As each of our Teams gather together in unity, the energy we send out is more harmonious. From our perspective all is perfect and we all are One. However, from your limited viewpoint, there appears to be a much different way of Being.

This is why it is important to tune in with your Higher Self, your personal Spirit Team and a god that is truly a God. Then you will be given Guidance and assistance to help you along your path of Awakening. Call upon us, the Ascended Masters for advice, as well, for we have walked in your steps. Many of us have had human lives and we know the level of despair one can fall to when not in alignment with Source and Unity.

As you go about your day, every so often, stop what you are doing. Just be still. Ask yourself, how do I feel in this moment? In most cases, your emotions will be different each time, depending on how you are reacting to the stimulus around you. If you feel off balance, take a few moments and ask your inner Guidance, what is the root of this imbalance? If the answer is not quickly apparent, then write a note to yourself and do some inner discovery work later that day.

The goal is to have inner peace, no matter what circumstances are surrounding you. If there are things or people you can walk away from that disrupt your peace, then walk away. Ask yourself, “Am I the one causing unrest in myself?” If you are judging, projecting expectations and shooting negative energy at another, then take time to rectify these behaviors. Then in the next moment, choose something more loving.

Another exercise we offer to you is that throughout the day, stop and ask yourself, “What do I need right now, in this moment?” If all that comes to you is something as simple as, “I need a drink of water or I have to pee,” then consider yourself well on your way to happiness and ascension.

Any other needs that pops up, look deeper. Ask yourself, “Is this a need or a want? Why do I need this right now?” If you do this often enough, you will likely begin to see a pattern and recognize that most, if not all of your needs are already met. You have a place to sleep, food to eat, clothes on your body. We are not talking about things you want, that is another topic for you to delve into.

Once you begin to feel peaceful, realizing that all of your needs are met, then you can begin to unravel all the insistent ego-oriented chatter of “I need ____ (fill in the blank) in order to feel _____ (fill in the blank). In this moment, you are reading this, so it is likely that you are still alive, so apparently all your basic physical needs have been met since you incarnated. Granted, some of these needs may not have come at the best time or were supplied by people who didn’t fill your emotional needs… or didn’t manifest according to your expectations. Yet, you are alive and breathing, so your basic needs have been met. Anything else can be categorized as “wants” or comforts.

The purpose of these two exercises is to help you to gain more trust in the Universe to supply what you truly need. Then, when you free yourself from expectations, judgments, fear and erroneous beliefs, all else that you are desiring will have a chance to manifest in your life. If it is not in your life this minute, then perhaps you are not meant to have it… or it is not the proper time for you to have it in your experience.

With these exercises, inner peace is the goal. Right now, the Earth is in a tumultuous state. This is a good thing, for many are beginning to come out of complacency and are beginning to question what is important in their life. For those who Seek and take time for daily inner-spection, they will open their minds to possible expansion. When this happens, then the possibility of awakening has a much better chance of coming to fruition.

Thus, we encourage you to not get swallowed up with the fear mongering and false information supplied through media and uneducated persons. If you hear about something, before blindly accepting it as truth, consider it to be a theory or opinion. Do your own research before irresponsibly hitting the “Share” button. When you take on a fear and then pass that fear to another, you accrue “karmic debt.” Thus, be mindful of what you are broadcasting.

There is much information regarding the Apolcalypse, the end of the world, alien saviors, some moving to a new earth, you name it. Most of it does not even make sense if you stop to digest it. When you hear about a theory that you have not researched, stop in that moment and ask yourself, “How do I feel about this?” If you feel unrest, then ask yourself, “What do I need in this moment.” If you realize that in this moment, all your needs are met, then feel gratitude for this. Allow yourself to be at peace. Perhaps you will choose later to do more research on this theory and then make whatever plans you need to be prepared, just as you would if there was an incoming storm. Then go about your day, trusting that your needs are already met.

Whenever you have fear and emotional unrest, it usually stems from something unresolved from the past or worries about possible future events. There is nothing you can do about either of these time frames other than to let go and jump in the River of Life and go with the flow.

Deal with what is present in your life, right now. Choose whatever is the highest degree of Love that you can muster in that moment. Do this often enough until it becomes first nature to you and then you will experience the peace that surpasses all understanding. Life will then become magical, as it is meant to be.

You have within you everything you need to live in this manner and the good news is… it’s FREE!  It’s called FREE will for a reason… for it truly is free, freedom of choice… and is an expression of your will, the choice you want to make, in that moment. You can Seek for Truth along the way so you can make more enlightening choices or you can express your will and blinding hit the “Share” button as you wallow in grief over the woes of the world. The choice truly is yours.

We are available to assist you anytime, but you must ask. Furthermore, you must clear your thoughts and set clear intentions in order for us to help you manifest your desires. There is much going on behind the scenes that you are not privy to, so release any expectations, knowing that all your needs will be supplied, at the proper time, if needed. Trust in the process and do all you can to cultivate inner peace and then you will also experience clarity which will make it much easier to find the clues we place before you.

We bless you and bestow our love freely upon you.
Clear your fears so that you can allow our love to flow freely through you.
Then emit that love back out to others, unconditionally and the cycle will repeat… eternally and infinitely.

Much love,
Metatron and the SoulCleanse Team


Dictated by Theresa Crabtree. You are encouraged to share this message with those who have ears to hear.



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