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Attend to Your Needs

When you attend to your needs, your emotions, body and mind work together. When one is out of balance, it affects the others. The importance of setting time aside daily for reflection cannot be overstated. Go within and seek things that are holding you back from your true destiny, a life filled with joy and abundance.

Bless your emotions, whether you deem them good or bad, for a time will come when you will realize the importance and value of each. In your daily reflections, arouse the highly charged emotions that drive you toward fulfilling your passion and those that hinder you from fulfilling your dreams. Use these emotions in such a way that the energy (E) pushes you into motion (E-motion).

Allow yourself to feel and discharge the emotions of past events that are triggered by current events. Look for ways you can bless the past situation, forgive yourself and others involved and move on, for low frequency emotions such as fear, anger and frustration block your flow of love, joy and peace. This is the beginning of all physical and mental health disease.

The body is extremely complex with an innate ability to fight anything that keeps it from functioning optimally. Take better care of your body and you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a day. When you treat your body as a temple, much energy is freed, allowing the ability to release more potent information. Pay attention to every morsel you put in your mouth and everything you place on your skin.

It is impossible to have a clear head when you are exhausted and distracted by so many irrelevant things.

Where do you spend your time? Are there things you give attention to that are not your business? Do you engage in things that cause stress and focus your attention away from your passions? Are your relationships fulfilling or are they maintained out of obligation? It is time to recover the time and energy you need to fulfill your passions.

Take time today to go within and look at areas that are causing dis-ease in your body, mind and spirit. Make a plan and start taking action towards creating balance in each area of your life. Once you have reached mastery in all areas, then you will be better equipped to give proper advice.

The irony is that once you have mastered your Self, you will realize that others do not need your advice. What a splendid day that will be! In that moment, judgment will cease and unconditional love will rule the planet!
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