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Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
August 18, 2020


Greetings Dear Ones,

We are again happy to be at-one-ment with you during this gathering and unification of our energies. There is much chaos in your realm at this time and we know that many of you are on the edge of despair. Yet, know that this year of 20/20 “perfect sight” is what many of you have co-created and that is exactly what is happening.

Even the masses around you are beginning to “see the truth” of all the lies and deception that abounds on earth. Is this not a good thing? Many of you have been like the ostrich. While it’s head is in the sand, the most it will encounter is a swift kick in the arse, that will make him raise his head and begin to see things anew.

Now the challenge is to share what is needed to know, along with propositions on how to manage this new awareness.

When sharing a problem, with no mention of solutions, one is simply propagating fear and hopelessness. Thus, be mindful what you share and in what manner you share it… offer solutions.

The other challenge is to help uplift your fellow “light” workers, for many of them are having great difficulty. We need as many human minds and hearts to be in alignment with the Truth as possible. Thus, encourage your brothers and sisters to be of good cheer and help to steer them in a positive direction.

In order to change any system, the roots have to be addressed. Anything built on lies and deception will only breed more of the same. Thus, when the magnifying glass picks up the virus and other organisms that are not sustainable to the goal, then they can be addressed. Right now, all things, all systems, all leaders are under the microscope and a whole new picture is being shown to those who are desirous to see with their 20/20 focus. This is a good and necessary thing in order for massive change to occur.

Gather with your brothers and sisters who are of a like mind.

As powerful co-creators, focus on what you wish to experience and build on earth. You may be few in number, but so are the Dark. It is always the top small percentage of focused individuals who get the job done, no matter what their agenda is, for focus and unity are the root of any co-creative endeavor.

Thus, spend less time focused on what you do not want to experience. Refocus on what you do want to experience. Then, gather with others who have the same dream and watch the magic unfold. When those within your group cause disunity by constantly whining about the “bad,” then encourage them to refocus on the “good.” There will be many within your groups who desire what you wish, but will remain stuck in the fear and negativity. Bless them and uninvite them to your gatherings. There will be others they can commiserate with. This is not a time to have the “fence sitters” in your midst. They have had plenty of time to awaken and will do so, on their own time. However, that time may very well be in another lifetime and not necessarily on earth.

Keep your groups unified, focused on the highest degree of Divine Love that each of you can muster.

Call on us, the Masters, to help lead you out of duality. You cannot “beat” or “win” the duality game. That is not the goal. Duality is an illusion, created by others and yourself for the purpose of expressing your “God-Self” while in a physical form. In order to step out of duality… or if you prefer to stay in duality but not be sucked into the unreality of it all… then you must remember who you Truly are as your Higher Self.

When you tap into your Higher Self and co-create with Masters who have ascended duality, then you will have a unified team that will help you to see the Bigger Picture with your 20/20 vision. When working in tandem with us, we will be able to bring “All” another rung up on the Ascension Ladder.

“BE the change that you wish to see in the world.”
Let Gandhi’s wise words be your beacon.

Share these words with those who have ears to hear. We do hope that you continue to work with us during these Celestial Gatherings. Invite your friends to the work-party!

Be Love Always, All Ways,
The Masters


** Dictated by Theresa Crabtree

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  1. Dora Mac

    Thank you Theresa for all your work, the messages from the Masters and your daily writings are always so supportive on our journey on this planet

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