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Ambassador of Love

Being an Ambassador of Love is the most important life goal you can achieve. As an extension of your Higher Self, you can make an impact in the physical realm. As you step forward into self-empowerment, releasing fears, fretful thoughts and habits that have kept you enslaved, reach out to your brothers and sisters, sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

There are many on Earth that are shut down to esoteric teachings. You have the ability to be an Ambassador of Love, for you can reach people that others cannot.

Be a role model to all you meet. If you wish to live in a world filled with beauty, peace and abundance, then live your life in this manner. Others will notice as you walk with grace amongst the chaos and they will reach out, seeking what you have.

The time for separation must end in order to create a New Earth. Come together and celebrate your differences. When you are with others who are disgruntled, attempt to bring conversations around so they become problem-solving sessions rather than complaint sessions.

Help people pay attention to their thoughts, words, actions and emotions.  Encourage them to notice the difference they feel when they are engaged in various activities and to choose those that are uplifting.

You have much potential to make an impact on the future of the Earth, beginning this moment. It is in the present moment where you make the choices that create your future. Choose wisely. Have fun. Be of good cheer.

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