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New Year’s Eve Celestial Gathering Message

Message from the Masters
New Year’s Eve, 2021

Greetings Dear Ones,

We have now entered a New Year, as marked by your current calendar. What now?

We encourage you for the next few days to sit in silence and begin to write down the things that are important to you. Things you wish to achieve. People you want to connect with. The type of work and/or service you would like to offer others. Anything that feels inspiring, jot it down. Then add to this list throughout the week and as you become inspired throughout the year.

Then consider all the areas where you are spending time, money and energy on things that you would like to release. Name the people in your life that it is time to see less off. List the activities that you are engaged in that lower your happy meter. Then make plans to start weeding them out.

With that extra time, money and energy, you will free up more time, money and energy that you can expend on what brings you inner peace, joy and happiness.

It seems like a simple exercise, but when you follow through, we can assure you that you will experience a tremendous upliftment in your life.

When fearful, negative, judgmental thoughts enter your mind… immediately replace them with something that is closer to love… over and over… and soon your positive meter will be spinning higher than you can currently imagine.

We are grateful for the times that we commune together. Know that gatherings like this are just as powerful whether you are physically with people or remotely connected. Even the time factor has little significance, for we are all One and we work together in a frame where time doesn’t exist. Awaken to your power as you connect with others with the same ideals.

We welcome you to the beginning of this new cycle around the sun. It gives us the greatest joy to be of assistance and to walk with you. Please call on us for assistance, for that is the greatest honor we can receive. We are service oriented and earth is our chosen playground, for we have spent many lifetimes on earth and its neighboring planets and dimensions.

We are in this together… and together we can make magic happen. There are things we are not permitted to do because we are not in embodiment. But when you ask for our assistance and awaken to your True Self, then we can run the marathon together.

We wish the best for you. Know that you are loved beyond measure.

Be love always. All Ways.

The Masters

*** Dictation by Reverend Theresa Crabtree/ Please share with those who have ears to hear.
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