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Solstice Message from the Masters

Message from the Masters
Solstice Celestial Gathering
December 21, 2020

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are happy once again to commune with you in this group setting. The amount of upliftment that occurs when groups such as this form together for a united purpose is immeasurable. The intention set for this gathering was to join the “fires” of all other like-minded groups that have also gathered to welcome in the new season.

The date of December 21, 2020 has no meaning from our viewpoint. The alignment of the planets has little meaning from our viewpoint. However, for centuries, humans have made the solstice and certain alignments to be of significant importance. With this growing epidemic of beliefs, power has been increased exponentially through the years and thus, with the combined beliefs of the many, the importance of these dates has significantly risen. In other words, you have empowered these beliefs with an enormous amount of power simply through your choice.

What we have done is to connect with this increased momentum to help enhance the prayers that are in alignment with Divine Love. Thus, the fires that have been lit this day with the intention of creating peace on earth, unity with the One, unconditional love, heralding in a “new earth” by those who are on a conscious awakening path, increased gratitude, compassion, love and joy… these things we also add our energy to help manifest.

Always remember that in order for you to experience these energies, you must allow yourself to embody them. This can be done more freely and efficiently when you remove the energetic blocks created by fear and limiting beliefs. Divine Love IS the ALL and it flows freely, everywhere. To be of maximum benefit within your energy field is for you to leave a door open to giving and receiving this Love.

You are now entering a new cycle, with the ending of the calendar year ready to spring forth into the next season. What do you wish to experience? Make that your focus. Be prepared to leave behind anything that you do not want to take with you into the future. You have the tools. Use them.

Look at anything that is holding you back from experiencing more love and your connection to your Higher Self and spirit Team. Discern which are distractions and which are enhancements and begin to “select out” the distractions. This can mean spending less time with certain people. A less demanding job may be in your best interest. Can your home be run more efficiently? Are the things you are involved in bringing you more joy or do you do them out of a sense of obligation? Anything that you are doing for other people, take time to look at your motive. Are you doing things for others that they can do for themselves? These are things to consider.

By nature, you are a creative being. What are you consciously creating? This can be expressed in many ways, such as art, writing, music, sharing time with others, making gifts, dreaming of your next adventure, visualizing what you wish to experience, making plans for your next project. You will feel most alive and happy on earth when you are using your creative abilities.

If you are full of anxiety and depression, these are clear indicators that you are blocking your creative flow. The only thing holding you back from expressing yourself is you. The circumstances you find yourself in may be unsatisfactory, but there is always a way out. Think out of the box and you will find at least one way to move forward. All change in your life begins with you making a conscious choice. If you feel like you are on a runaway train, then start weeding out the parts that no longer serve you. Set time aside each day for inner-spection so that you can gain some inner peace and clarity. The train will not stop unless you apply the brakes. Then a new track can be chosen to explore.

We love you beyond measure and we understand the troubles you face. Many of us have lived in human form and we understand how difficult it can be to break out of old patterns. We know the difficulty of facing one’s fears and starting life in a new direction. But we assure you that your efforts will be greatly rewarded.

You did not come to earth to experience abusive relationships and a hard life. You came to experience an expansion of love. Thus, how you respond to what you encounter is your expression of love. Will you choose to love small or to love big? Will you choose to love your self and treat yourself with respect? Will you put your love for others above your Self or will you see both as equals, part of the Whole? Will you hide from love or shine your light boldly?

Every action, big or small has either love or fear as a motivating factor. Most human love is motivated by fear. Dare to move above getting your needs met and to love your Self and others with the closest you can get to the Divine Love that you are. Your Higher Self is who you truly are, so make that connection a priority in your life. Dwell on the remembrance of your True Roots. Ask for help in seeing who you Truly Are. Once you truly know and remember that you are a perfect being of Love and Light, your awakening Path will become a series of miracles.

You will not be battered by the waves of negativity when you have Inner Peace and a strong connection to Divine Love. It will be easier to see beyond the illusions of this realm and to truly begin to experience Heaven on Earth, even amidst the chaos. You will understand that the chaos serves a magnificent purpose in helping others to find their way back Home.

When enough of you anchor your roots, it will help to increase the Good on Earth as well as decrease what does not serve the Whole. Think more about Unity and less about Separation. You are not here to save anyone, but when you are in a good position and allowing Divine Love to flow through you, this enhances your ability to be a role model for those who also aspire to awaken further.

We love you always, all ways.
Be of good cheer, for we are always near!

The Masters

*** Dictation by Theresa Crabtree.  You are encouraged to share this message with others who are receptive.

Consider joining us for the next Celestial Gathering!

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