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What advice would you give others to overcome alcohol addiction?

Do you have any recommended resources?

Do you have a success story?

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  1. thunderbolt1959

    As a recovering alcoholic, my suggestion first and foremost is to WANT recovery and not just NEED it. Be willing to do WHATEVER it takes to do so. Make it rigidly FIRST in your life. Without this unequivocal willingness, I was unable to remain sober. My full commitment was REQUIRED without ANY excuses….

    Don’t know what to do?
    Try an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Don’t like that one, try another!
    AA has the camaraderie that helps many to find the support needed to stay the course.
    Don’t like AA, try something else! Your ONLY limitation is you!
    But remember that YOU must be fully present to get the benefits. It is truly “All about YOU!”

    Success story? If you mean “continuous sobriety”, many find people who have time in sobriety as a useful measure. And if you don’t maintain sobriety, then what do you have? I have 16+ years of continuous sobriety.
    But it’s more than just staying away from drinking and substance abuse. It’s about your “quality of life”. That says success to me. Living a BETTER life is where I find success. I know what it means for me. It’s an ongoing effort for improvement. It ISN”T that everything is great. It IS about being sober and present to make things better. A lifelong effort, I believe…..

    For me, it is a “sobering reminder” to look back to where I was when the only thing I had was endless misery. I felt only hopelessness. And what it took for me to be willing to see another way of life….

    You owe it to yourself to try. 🙂

    1. admin

      Thanks for sharing your inspirational story… and congrats for your long sobriety!

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