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10 Unconditionally Love Tips

Are you ready to unconditionally love yourself and others?

Here are some starter points.

Tell yourself often you are perfect and pure.

Stop any thoughts you have that condemn yourself. Choose instead to visualize how you will change your future behaviors and rectify past behaviors.

Step out of your box and dare to eat, speak, dress, walk, play, rest, dance and sing in manners that are fitting of the truth you wish to proclaim.

Be kind to yourself and all others.

Smile at everyone and everything. It is hard to hold onto negative thoughts when you have a smiling face and heart.

When you find yourself making an unnecessary negative judgment, change your thought immediately.

Be mindful of every action you take, coming from a sense of love rather than obligation.

Choose carefully how you spend your time. Watching a violent movie will take you into that space, creating the possibility of that scenario occurring in your life.

Talk with others who have opposing views. You need not believe what they say, but learn to allow them to believe what they choose without feeling a need to sway them to your side.

Look at various cultures and religious institutions and adopt the customs that are meaningful to you. Variety is the spice of life. No two persons on Earth share exactly the same beliefs.

Practice using these suggestions to unconditionally love yourself and others and watch the magic unfold!

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