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10 Principles to Live By

10 Principles to Live By

1. Daily take time for meditation, whether you choose to seek ways to improve yourself or simply as a way to relax. Spend less time running around doing mundane things that suck your energy.

2. Be kind to yourself and all living Beings on Earth, for this will bring great joy as you begin to harmonize closer with each other.

3. Spend moments in gratitude until this becomes your fulltime attitude. Gratitude is of a very high frequency and will go far to break through barriers of separation.

4. Seek whatever methods allow you to remember that God loves you. Look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are lovable, until you feel it within every fiber of your Being.

5. Change any unhealthy dietary habits. It is difficult to maintain the higher frequencies of love when your cells are filled with toxic substances. Research organic methods of farming and begin growing and/or eating those foods.

6. Be aware of your thoughts, for these are your future actions. Where you focus your attention is what you will draw unto you. Like attracts like, it is a law of this universe.

7. Be mindful of what you do with your body. Exercises that build strength and flexibility are well worth the effort, leading to a life of strength, agility and less pain.

8. Nurture yourself. Learn techniques to relax every moment, no matter how much stress surrounds you. Gift yourself with the things you would readily supply to those you love.

9. Sleep well. If you awaken feeling refreshed, you are receiving the proper amount of sleep. Know that this will change from time to time. Treat yourself to a nap when you are tired.

10. Love your Self! Remove thoughts and beliefs that keep you imprisoned in feelings of “less than” or unworthiness. Everyone comes from One Source and will return to One Source. There is no way that one can be more or less than another. Begin to see the God Essence in yourself and in all others.

Take time today to integrate these 10 Principles to Live By and begin enjoying life to the fullest!

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