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Daily Cleansing


There is much work to be done and many are floundering, not knowing where to place their time and energy. There is much unrest due to the remolding of all infrastructures. Many changes are occurring rapidly on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Some are feeling uneasy and full of anxiety and despair. Much of this is due to unconscious chatter on the energy grids as well as whispers from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

It is good every morning to clear yourself of adverse energies that you accumulated from the previous day and during your sleep time. Most are unaware of the effects of mass conscious thoughtforms. It is imperative to understand these things are occurring in order to keep from continually being knocked off balance. Knowledge is power.

The goal is to remain centered in all situations. Negative thoughtforms that are pervasive on Earth have the ability to attach themselves to any negative thoughtforms held within your auric field. Unresolved issues within you are now bubbling to the surface, wanting to be healed and replaced with the energies of love and gratitude. This is part of the awakening process and it is happening at a soul level.

You may feel anxious without knowing why. What is happening is that your Higher Self and Guides are reminding you it is time to get busy and realize your full potential. The time is at hand to create the Garden of Eden you have dreamed of. It is now time for the dark energies to be left behind as those who choose to ascend begin to replace dark thoughts with light energies.

If you have an understanding of the chakra system, choose a method of daily energetic cleansing. Include stretching exercises such as yoga to keep your body limber and circulation flowing.

All is well. We are all One. Remember always that you are a Spiritual Being who is temporarily choosing a physical existence.

Excerpt from Universal Truth © 2020  Theresa Crabtree. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to share this post when you include this copyright statement.



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