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Message from the Masters 082221

Message from the Masters
Full Moon Celestial Gatherings
August 22, 2021


Greetings Dear Ones,

We know that many of you are concerned about world events, including natural disasters. However, within you lies tremendous powers to help soothe the energies of the earth. When a storm is brewing, go within and concentrate your energies. Focus on love and the feeling that in the Big Picture, all is well. Then make your plea or request to the nature elementals. Ask them to soothe the storm and to dissipate it as much as possible so that it will affect the least amount of people and landscape.

When disasters, such as earthquakes happen, pray for the people to have the strength they need to handle their crushing losses. Also, pray for others to rise to the occasion to assist as needed. Include prayers that gifts of money and physical items are placed swiftly into the hands of those in need.

These are much better ways of dealing with natural issues. Avoid focusing on the sadness, the pain or being outraged at God for being so inhumane.

As world events come into your consciousness regarding world domination, etc., follow through with prayers that those in leadership begin to open their hearts more to the needs of the people they serve. Rather than being a beacon of negativity, focus your own Light on positive solutions. How can you be of assistance?

First, focus on your inner self.

Making a connection to your Soul is of primal importance in your life. Then, you will know how best to clean the cobwebs in your energy field. As you gain more inner peace and clarity, then you will become more receptive to knowing how you can best serve, in the current moment. You will also be Guided to whatever you need in order to keep moving forward on your spiritual awakening Path. Everything you need lies within you. However, you have created blocks as a result of various traumas. Those need to be addressed so that your energy can flow freely through your body.

Then, as you tune in more and release these blocks, Divine Love can flow more freely through you. As you begin to walk consciously, in tandem with your Soul, your ability to heal and comfort others will exponentially expand. You will know where to go, what to say, what to do and who to connect with in order to best serve the needs of others.

Be wary of becoming weary. If your service work is causing exhaustion, then go within and look to find the causes. Most often, it is because you are depleting yourself. This is the result of blocking energy within your own field or from over-extending yourself. For empathic Lightworkers, one of the main causes of these blocks (in addition to fears and limiting beliefs from the past) is taking into your personal energy field, the energies of others.

Many empaths absorb the pain of others.

This is mainly due to the “Law of Attraction” in which “like attracts like” is in effect. Thus, if the Lightworker is feeling sad, anxious, fearful, etc., due to their own unresolved issues, they are more likely to absorb similar energies from others. Notice how you feel when you see an upsetting meme or watch the horrors on the news channels. If an hour later, you are still being affected and off balance, this is a sure sign that there is something within yourself that is still unsettled.

This does not mean you need to shut off your emotions.

The cure is remembering that each of you comes from Source and that the time on earth is a tiny part of your Soul’s evolution. Human life is a transitory state, similar to a theatrical production. After you play your role, you remove your costume, leave the theatre and go home to live your true life. Never forget this when you are in the midst of unrest.

You can positively affect what is happening in the world by not sharing upsetting events unless you have a positive solution. Do not be the harbinger of bad news that you have not fully researched, for you do not want to create karma for being reckless and causing undue concern for others.

In regards to controversial issues such as vaccinations, it is truly your business what you choose to do. Thus, make your choice based on your own research. Then allow others to make their own choice. If someone comes to you and asks your opinion, then offer it. If someone tries to force their opinion on you, simply state, “Thank you, I will think about it.” That will take the fire right out of the situation. Then get on to the task of enjoying each other’s company, no matter what beliefs they have that are different from your own. The goal is to create unity.

We are very happy for this time to commune with you.

Go within daily to gain inner peace, commune with your Soul and for a daily review. During the review, let go of any shame or regrets. Simply come up with some ideas on how you would rather present yourself when a similar situation arises. Celebrate the baggage releases and greater understandings as they arise within you.

Be blessed always, all ways.
The Masters

** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Consider joining us for the next Celestial Gathering for a personal cleansing and as we gather our collective energies to assist all on earth.

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