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July 9, 2021 Message

Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
July 9, 2021

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are en-light-ened anytime that we are able to consciously commune with you. Seek us whenever you have doubts or questions, then listen within the stillness for our answer. It may come in the spoken word of another, an insight, a book, an intuition, a song lyric or a “knowingness.”

The more you quiet your mind, the more inner peace you will attain. It is within the silence of the inner peace that you will gain clarity that will assist you in making choices that are in your best interest.

The “Higher Self” connection that you seek is within you. Focus upon the heart region. It is your Self that has “created” the blueprint that is your Life Path. What better place to seek Guidance than from your own Self?

Know that around you are also special Beings of Light. At least one of these are with you during your entire lifetime. Most have two to three that you can draw on for added Guidance.

Within your grasp are many other Beings of ascending and descending consciousness. Some can assist you with mundane things such as helping to diagnose problems with your car or techy equipment. Whatever has been created in material form, you can be assured that there are “experts” in the non-physical realms that know the workings and can assist you.

When you are seeking higher enlightenment, hone down on who you ask for assistance. For in doing so, you will be less likely to tune into lower dimensional realms. Some of these entities will not have your best interest in mind. Some are similar to “know-it-all” humans who can lead you astray. Thus, get to know who you are asking for assistance and stick with them. A simple prayer such as tuning into “my Higher Self” or “my personal Team of Light,” will pinpoint who you will connect with. They can then network for “specialist” in any area where you are seeking assistance.

Many pray arbitrarily for any Being, without being more specific. Even asking for “any Being of Light” can pull in dark entities, for we all come from the same Source, which is Light… even though some have hidden or blocked their light. They still may use that open-ended request, justifying that they are Beings of Light and answer one’s call, which could end in quite a messy mess. Thus, be diligent.

One “safe” prayer for assistance is to ask your Higher Self to help you and to send the appropriate Beings of Light to assist you. If one is properly tuned in, there will be less chance for an interfering being to muddy the channel. Discernment is VERY important. Any being who ridicules, instills guilt or shame, or makes demands that don’t feel right, is likely not one you want to give any attention to. Your True Guides and those who are Masters and true Saints will always come across as loving. Even if you are being Guided to do something that is out of your comfort zone, FEEL the energy of the one Guiding you. Sometimes they do need to push us in order to move forward, but it is always done in a loving manner.

We cannot emphasize enough the need to do inner-spection every day. Start with gratitude to Source and your Heavenly Helpers. Open your heart and allow their Divine Love to flow through you. When you are feeling energetically depleted, allowing more Divine Love to flow through you, unencumbered, is the greatest battery charger you will find within the universe.

End each day in reflection of the choices you made. Celebrate those decisions you made that were an expression of love for self, for others and for the Source of All. Those choices that were not satisfying, do not berate yourself. See them as learning experiences. Take time to visualize and consider how you would rather act/ react or not act or react when a similar situation occurs. If need be, ask to be shown the root cause of whatever “buttons” were pushed so that you can decide to either cut that cord or to see it from a more loving perspective.

Throughout the day, add more self-love and gratitude moments. Both of these will also charge your battery. The more you love yourself, the more you can love others… even those who have hurt you. If spiritual ascension is your goal, then unconditional love is the measure to strive for.

Remember that you are loved beyond measure. Your greatest gift to us is to tune in and ask for help. Our greatest pleasure is to assist you along your awakening Path. We are here to walk you through any sticky situation, but you must also be willing to release the fears and limiting beliefs that block your energy flow and disallow us to maximize the help we can offer you.

The more Divine Love can flow unencumbered through your body and energy fields, the more you can express Divine Love in your daily walk. Then you can create Heaven on Earth in your own sacred space and beyond.

Be blessed always, all ways.
The Masters


** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please share with those who have “ears to hear.” You are encouraged to join us for future Celestial Gatherings in which you will receive personal healing. We can also use the assistance of you and your Spirit Team to help with the global healing portion as all of us and our Spirit Teams meld together in one accord.”


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