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Focus on the Light

Full Moon Celestial Gathering
June 24, 2021

Greetings Dear Ones,

As we enter this new cycle of the moon, along with the beginning of a new season, it is a great time to focus on how you wish to shine your Light in the world. As you are aware, there is plenty of darkness, but is that where you wish to focus your attention? By focusing your attention on the Darkness, you lead more people to the Dark.

If you are not an activist or a true “whistleblower,” then it is in your best interest to not propagate or share information that you do not have thorough knowledge of. Much of the “news” and “whistleblowing” that Lightworkers are engaged in has more to do with propaganda than the Truth. The Truth will set you free; whereas propaganda will create more fear and distrust.

Thus, we encourage you to anchor love and peace.

Send messages and reminders to your loved ones and those of the Light to take time for daily meditation. Encourage others to go deep within in order to nurture the Light within. Suggest to others that you gather in prayer, with focused attention on the upliftment of the world.

The grid that so many of you helped to solidify is complete and highly energized. Yet, most of you who were once focused on this work have become side-tracked by the antics of the Dark. Pull yourself out of their drama and get yourself re-rooted and grounded in what you wish to experience more of. For where you keep you focus, that becomes your reality. Thus, it is a conscious choice, in each moment whether to center yourself in Divine Love or to allow yourself to wander in the chaos propagated by the Dark.

There is much more we can say on this topic, but as we have mentioned, we prefer that you focus on the Light. Find your passion and express it in your own creative way. It matters not how you create the finances you need in order to live comfortably within your society. If you are drawn to a specific work, then nurture your skills and bring them forth as you share them with others. If you do not feel a specific “calling,” then just be the best human you can be.

All of you are role models, no matter what choice you are currently making.

Be the best that you can be. Do not be overly concerned about what others think of you. Their opinion is simply that… their opinion. Your opinion of others is simply that… your opinion. Look back at the changes you have made in your life. You do not hold all the same beliefs and opinions that you had when you were four years old. Do not expect the same of others.

The universe is all about growth and expansion. Thus, nurture your own expansion and allow others to expand in their own way. Even those who choose a Dark path have the right to experiment, thus, do not judge them. If at any time they come to you in order to shed more Light into their life, then without judgment, offer them what you know to be True. Then let them choose what to do with this seed that you have shared with them.

It is of utmost importance to always keep the “Big Picture” in mind.

That is to say that Earth was designed to be a place to experience and experiment with all levels of physicality. There is not one of you who has not experimented with the Dark, either consciously or unconsciously, throughout your myriad of lives on Earth. Yet, here you are, well on your way to full Illumination. Even the Ascended Masters and saints that you adore had some fairly seedy past lives which in turn led them to make more uplifting choices.

Everyone who plays the human game and chooses the straight and narrow Path, will first explore other avenues of adventure. That is what this Earth was designed to do. There are only a few through the Ages who have consciously chosen never to meddle in the affairs of the Dark. Again, we repeat, only a few. Yet, ALL have the power within themselves to dabble in the Dark all they wish through their lifetimes until one by one, they reach the point of “enough is enough.” Then they are ready to set aside their childish ways and to become more settled into mature roles, bringing forth their Light.

Just as you do not wish to have others force you into their beliefs, or to push their beliefs on you… be wary not to do unto others what you do not wish to have done unto you. Many of you righteously do not want to see others suffering pain. Yet, always remind yourself that the pain is often the catalyst to bring them to the Light within themselves… either in this lifetime or another. For in the end, all will return to Source. None are lost forever.

You do not know the purpose behind your own life, much less the lives of others when it comes to the preincarnation choices you have selected for yourself… or the Souls that you chose to work with before you embodied in this life. Thus, some of the humans that have been the greatest thorn in your side may be worthy of the Oscar award for acting. For, when you both return home, you will find that at the Soul level, you are the greatest of friends and have been so for many Eons of time.

Thus, practice moving yourself toward unconditional love for others, no matter how much pain they inflicted upon you or others.

You do not need to stay in close communion with your abusers, for the growth comes from pulling away from the negativity… when you are walking towards the Light. Walk away as gracefully as possible, while increasing your measure of self-love. For self-love is the key to Divine Love and getting there means going through many doors of self-discovery. Yet, it is the birthright of all to enter into joy and inner peace… and meditation is the fastest way to get there.

Set up your own little place of peace behind one of the doors in your home. Each night, spend time in reflection of how you responded during the day. In regards to your responses that led you away from Divine Love, make plans to upgrade those responses when they arise the next time. During some of your meditation time, simply sit and feel inner peace, which is part of the Essence of God. Set aside another portion of your daily meditation time to commune with your Higher Self and Spirit Team. If this is too hard, then just sit with gratitude for the blessings in your life.

Dwell on thoughts of how interesting this universe is, that it allows freedom of Free Will choices.

Then focus on the choices you made that bring you joy. Know that anything that reflects joy, love, gratitude, compassion, etc. are the True Roots of the Source of All. Everything else is simply an experience that allows you to remember your True Roots.

So, focus on how you wish to express your True Self this day and make plans accordingly. Do this each day and you will find God. You will remember your True Roots. You will be able to understand and forgive yourself and others. You will create joy and peace in your life. You will learn how to ascend, just as others have done before you. However, this will take diligence and effort on your part. Your life will become a magical journey when it is your conscious desire to focus on the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help you, God.

You are loved beyond measure. Do not forget this.
Be love always. All ways.
The Masters

*** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please share with those who have ears to hear.
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  1. Petra Sussman

    This message reinforces everything I say often to those closest to me who proclaim to want only the Joy, Light & Peace.
    There is a very delicate balance between being informed and enforcing that which I don’t want.
    Thank you for the messages.

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